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Wordsworth and Blake offer very differentPictures of London in these poems. Give a detailed account ofBoth poems, bringing out the differences between the two poets views of London

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"Upon Westminster Bridge" by William Wordsworth and "London" By William Blake. Wordsworth and Blake offer very different Pictures of London in these poems. Give a detailed account of Both poems, bringing out the differences between the two poets views of London The one main difference between the two poets is that Blake sees London as a place in jeopardy and a very difficult part to live in. Where as Wordsworth sees London as a magical and a beautiful place to live in. Blake sees London, as a place in poverty he says that in every face he meets all he can see is "marks of weakness and of woe". To Blake this means that the people of London are depressed and in every persons face there is a tragic story behind closed doors. Blake has a very personal view about child Labour he states this in the quote "chimney sweepers cry". He is distraught because through his eyes children over 8 are being sent up chimneys to clean them. In my view Blake is targeting the church because through his eyes a church is meant to be place of worship and of holiness. ...read more.


He quotes that there is soldier's blood running down the palace walls. He is also highlighting the royals as being uncaring and he is also stating the injustice of them. He lashes out at the politicians as being "mind-forged manacles" and demanding that the poor do and say whatever they want them too. In a way I think that they are making the poor people feel like a prisoner in their own mind. Blake set his poem on the night so that he could force the poverty London was in. He states that London as being a place of murkiness and he quotes about the prostitutes "youthful harlots curse". He describes them as being young women on the street trying to make a living. Blake describes London very carefully by describing it as being "depressing". Blake feels that London is at the problem of a growth industry and that none of the poorer citizens views are being herd. William Wordsworth`s poem is the opposite to Blake's because he sees London as being a very happy and positive poem and he is explaining London at the crack of dawn in the morning "all bright and glittering in the smokeless air". ...read more.


He is stating that he enjoys getting up before anybody else and that it is a very relaxed place to be in. Blake sees it in a very different light because of the child labour and he strongly feels that the children get no rest and that they do not have a normal happy child hood. Wordsworth is very different to Blake because he thinks that London is in no place of poverty and there is no child labour because I think that Wordsworth thinks the children do get a child hood and London is not at the problem of a growth industry. I think Blake feels the opposite because Blake feels very depressed at the way he sees London and feels deep sympathy for the poor people as well as the children. From the 2 poets poems I personally think that Blake had a troubled problem of growing up in the rough end of London as a child and he was at the mercy of child labour grew up with the. Whereas Wordsworth I think grew up with a nice family with money and didn't have to face the child labour and the poverty of growing up in Blake's world of London. Samantha Medlicott ...read more.

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