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wordsworth and hardy compare

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English Essay How do Hardy and Wordsworth explore The theme of Nature and Childhood? Nature is beautiful. This is views of people in the 18th century. Nature was loved and appreciated back in time, true life based poems were written about it, two of them were Thomas hardy & William Wordsworth. These two poets were in love with nature not only did they write about it they fell in deep love with nature that they expressed their feelings within their poetry to the world. There is a quote in Hardy's poem "I could live on thus till end", point is that he could live with/sacrifice all his life for nature, just like a man sacrifices his life to women when he takes a marriage vow quote is "until death do us part" this shows the personification from nature to a human ...read more.


the other side is power "burst" this is a very strong word to use to explain the power of nature which gives a dramatic effect clearly shown to the reader as in Wordsworth poem he also shows the power of nature in his words "with voluntary power instinct" as if using a lot of its own power is sounds like a lot of power is being used by nature on its own. Childhood is also exposed by both poets but in individual ways such a Hardy wishes to go back to his childhood whereas William just has memories on his childhood "A schoolboy traveller at the holidays" and Hardy's quote showing the point is "making pretence I was not rained upon". This is showing Hardy's childish acts for example when a child is having fun in the rain he does not want ...read more.


After Thomas Hardy expresses his feelings at the end he also wants to stay in his childhood and live with nature for the rest of his living life "Why should I have to grow to man's estate, And this afar-noises World perambulate?". This quote shapes the writer telling us that he still hasn't left his childhood he wants old memories back and he still has as much love for nature as he did as a child. Thomas also ha a view that he is at one with nature, the last side of nature where quoted "I sat on" which also compare William Wordsworth where he is also at one with nature when "went heaving through the water like a swan". William calls himself a swan, the way he pushed his boat with difficulty through the water on his journey. Maarya Ghani 11S14 English ...read more.

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