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Work and Play & Hawk Roosting

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English essays - Work and Play & Hawk Roosting Work and Play Subject: The subject of this poem is in the ironic title "work and play". The "work" represents the humans and the "play" represents the swallow. Stanza 1 tells us about the swallow, "Blue-dark knot of glittering voltage" this is a metaphor and an onomatopoeia, it describes the swallow to be very fast, "voltage". ...read more.


"A serpent of cars", a serpent represented evil in the Garden of Eden, and now is represented as a long line of cars, i.e. traffic. "Slake" is a quench of first, this describes the day to be hot, "its fever in ocean" this tells us that the humans are going towards an area with lots of water, beach. "Will play and be idle or else it will bust", this also shows that they will play on the beach and be "idle" as not moving at all, this may be because the people are sun bathing. ...read more.


"she flings from the furnace", furnace represents the sun, and the swallow is moving away from it, "a rainbow of purples" so when the sun shines on the swallow, it describes the colours, purple because the swallow is a blue type of bird, "dips her glow in the pond and is perfect", dips her glow suggests that the "rainbow of purple" is reflecting back off the pond which makes the scenery look beautiful. "But the serpent of cars that collapsed on the beach" this represents the traffic and congestion Theme: Images: Sounds: Diction: Poets Viewpoint: Your Viewpoint: ...read more.

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