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Work Experience Essay

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My Work Experience The first day of work experience, typically, I felt quite petrified to be honest. The Idea of working with people I've never met before and the humungous amount of mistakes I could make all added to the fear of getting killed on the way there! The story started when I realised I had to find a work experience placement two years ago in September, and I wanted to work in a hospital. Unfortunately I was considered too young, as you had to be sixteen to work in a hospital, and with my dreams crushed, I decided that I'll never find a placement. I did eventually get over it and tried to apply to a pharmacy six months later. Again I was told that all the places had been filled. At this point, I decided to ask Ms. Patel for help. Being as lazy as I was, I "couldn't be bothered", until a few weeks in July when my tutor pressed me. I went in the afternoon, and looked at the list for pharmacies that I could work at. Thinking I was one of the luckiest kids alive, I noticed there were two! Then I realised that both were gone, and I was going to end up driving a ice cream van for the rest of my life. After explaining my problem to her, Ms. Patel suggested working at CHAS, as a previous student had enjoyed it immensely! ...read more.


would give me something to do during the next two weeks when they didn't need the help of an under qualified child. As assumed, I did end up having quite a lot of time on my hands. While I was working on this, I kept noticing that my "colleagues" kept answering the phone. That may sound like a weird thing to say, but you tend to let anything distract you when you're bored. I suddenly had a strange desire to answer the phone, so I decided to ask Brano. I got a reply e-mail saying "wait until the afternoon, and then I'll tell you what to say". It turns out that all you had to do was to say "CHAS Central London, How may I help you?" like I was a marketing assistant. The day finally came to an end, and after saying a brief goodbye to Brano, and Arefa, who turned out to be the receptionist, I left the office. Even though I was tired, I felt great. I loved working, which is really strange. I decided it was much better than being stuck in school doing maths. The next day I went to work right on time, and the train ticket still cost me five pound! I came to work, and started doing some normal receptionist work. This is where the work started to get interesting. After a few hours of helping Arefa with her work, I was introduced to a programme called "Casetrack". ...read more.


I suppose that after a hard day's work, a nice chat with your colleagues really doesn't hurt! The final day was actually extremely relaxed, which was a massive contrast from the first Friday, and though I had a mountain of work, I managed to get it done by the afternoon. For the rest of the day, I finished my diary, and though I did tried, I couldn't find anything more to do. Since everyone else decided to go out, I got stuck babysitting the office. After I got back from my lunch break, which was at three, I was given a card and twenty pound as a gift. I knew I couldn't take it, but they insisted, and after protesting, and being told to "stop being silly" I decided that it would be best if I just took the money. By five, it was time to leave CHAS forever, which was quite depressing. As soon as one of the colleagues I had worked with got on the train and left me at Baker Street station, the realisation hit me that I'd never see CHAS again. After getting home, I sat on the sofa and thought about how great my two weeks of work experience had been, about the people I had met, and about what it had taught me. I had learned so many new manual skills, and how to use different kinds of machinery. However, the most important thing I learned was how to behave at work, and about how the world of work is really different from the sheltered world that is school. ...read more.

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