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Work experience essay

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Work experience essay I am laying here on my bed, and I am not panicking for work experience; then why am I wide awake, eating my nails away at 1.00 in the morning! Everyone is like 'Oh My God work experience is here!' relax, two weeks off school! Could the smile on my face be any bigger? I had to actually think of loads of matters, like placement, travel and food. In fact I had three placements that I wanted to go to, one in a Solicitor, in a GP and a nursery. Talk about variety! I'm thinking which one of these places is fortunate to have Chan for a week! I really want to be a Paediatrician; so working in a GP, would be fantastic. But if I mucked it up it would not be good for the future; I guess I can have an attempt when I am older. Now it is just between my old school, Whitchurch and the Solicitors. I am guessing you have worked out that I want a career with kids. Working in a first school would be great, or working in a boring Solicitors, knowing all day that the only thing I will be doing is trying to make shots in the bin with useless pieces of paper (and for me that would not be successful). The placement I have chosen is Whitchurch. That is excellent because it is only a 10 minutes walk down my road. ...read more.


Got to admit, it was quite nerve racking. The staff kept looking at me, and it was just a bit intimidating; but I just started making conversation to the kids. The kids seemed really shy, and I thought it was going to be like this all day. Again, they are only kids and they were probably more nervous than I was. They soon came out and were hyperactive. Afternoon came, and the classes swapped. By this time I was already knackered. The afternoon class came, and was more hyperactive and talkative, I think because they just ate. All the kids kept calling me teacher; I did not really like that, because it felt very strange. At the end of the day, I was so exhausted, and my heels, became flat shoes! I had a lot to do, and was given rather a lot of reasonability, for example looking after group of kids, taking charge and so on. It felt bizarre that I was given a lot of reasonability because I have never been in charge so much and was not been given this much responsibility before. I never knew looking after kids was so tough work. But it felt good, it was something new and I was surprised with myself, as I think I managed everything rather well. I had such a good experience, that I could not wait for tomorrow. I was more excited to get home to my hugging bed, just waiting to open its arms for me to just jump into and sleep on it. ...read more.


But I could not be angry with them, and I definitely could not say no to them. The little pushover I am, I ended up playing 'it' and all these games but the best thing is to see the kids smile, it priceless. When I left I was invited to a birthday party and tons of kids cried. I actually mean cry. I was so upset to leave. I was asked to do babysitting jobs. The kids were the best, I could not have asked for a better two weeks. I caught up with ex teachers who I have not seen for about 10 years, and ex middle school teachers. I learnt new skills and got closer to people from our school, which I was working with. It defiantly has confirmed my future, as I am now considering being an early years teacher because there easier to control or defiantly doing something with children. I defiantly have to say my initial expectations of work experience, were very different to how it turned out. It was not boring at all, and I had lots to do. I do not think it has changed me as a person. I have to admit, it has changed my attitudes towards teachers. I did not know how much work they have, and how much they have to put up with. I defiantly loved work experience and can not wait to get into the big bad world. The only question is are they ready for me ;)! ...read more.

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