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Work Experience, three weeks of pain and suffering, which turned me from a school boy into a grown man, was it for good or just an ordeal that never should have taken place? You decide...

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Work Experience Essay Husain Fazel 11Wy, English Coursework Work Experience, three weeks of pain and suffering, which turned me from a school boy into a grown man, was it for good or just an ordeal that never should have taken place? You decide... My torment began early Wednesday morning my daily schedule involved meeting my supervisor. This not only petrified me but also my work colleagues. For the supervisor was no mere man. He was a huge sack of revolting comments. He was a cold, harsh man who held no compassion for his workers and besides all that he absolutely loathed me. For reasons unknown to me, since day one, the supervisor had made me the subject of all his jokes, his multitude of insults always seem to fall upon me. Walking down the dark pathways, climbing the stairs till I reached the very top of the building, my heart seemed to drop an inch with every step. I dreaded the encounter but it was unavoidable. I turned the corner ready and willing to confront my fate. Instantly I noticed the first of many different strange occurrences. I entered the room and the whiff of cheap perfume hit my nostrils. The room was a small dark area but sparse inhuman furniture made it look larger. The room's personality matched that of its occupant. It was cold, grey, dull and uninviting. Speaking of the occupant he was sat in the middle of the room, in front of the desk. He was waiting for me to take my seat. I did just that. It wasn't long before the shrill voice the supervisor spoke in began to speak. I was expecting a lecture on my late arrival but I didn't receive that, instead I heard the supervisor utter words that I'd never believe a creature of his posture would ever say. The supervisor rummaged in a drawer behind him and pulled out three ties. ...read more.


I pushed through the engineering room doors. There stood in the centre of this large room the largest piece of machinery I had ever seen in my life. It towered above me as most things/people do, shrieking with sounds of metal being thumped and battered. Flashbacks to my encounter with the supervisor the day before made me sympathise with the pieces of metal perfectly formed and cut, which came out of the other side of the machine. Poor Souls, I knew exactly what they had gone through. The cycle had come to an end, the lights on the machine began to flash and a siren began. Instantly thousands of lab technicians began to bustle around me. Feeling oddly misplaced, I began to circle the machine, unintentionally bumping into everyone in my path, I placed my hand on the cold hard texture and stroke the machine like you would a pussy cat. I stroked I gently, and then I remembered I was stroking the skin, the huge metal surface of a beast, which tormented innocent pieces of steel, iron and aluminium. With that theory in mind, I began to thump the machine, with all vengeance. Suddenly an icy grip took hold of my shoulder, so far gone was I that for a second I thought the metal monster I was thumping had just tapped me on the shoulder with one it's many protruding arms. But when this cold icy grip spun me around, my fantasy was unfairly destroyed. I had come face to face with Dexter, boy genius. Please forgive my patronising, stereotypical view of the world. This young man was not much older than me, his face was smeared with freckles, something told me this guy wasn't exactly the most popular dude back when he was at school, everything about him shrieked "torment me", and I mean everything, right down to the mop of orange hair which was placed on his head like some poorly designed baseball cap. He prodded me with his finger. ...read more.


The supervisor's officer of tearing my eyes out seriously seemed like a stroll in the park compared to the pain I was suffering thanks to my loyal affection for the NHS. I turned to face the nurse; I attempted to speak to enquire what exactly had happened. Inside my heart jumped for joy when I realized I could be the victim of Amnesia. If that was the case maybe I could relive those boyhood dreams of ending up as a fisherman with a secret double life! What fun! I could also put into practise my excuse "Blame it on the Amnesia" when Green Peace come knocking on my cabin door asking why my nets are so small. The nurse broke my train of thoughts, which isn't something totally unexpected given the state of today's railway lines. "Don't worry young man, you had a slight accident with one of the machines at your work experience, you're on the mend now but you won't be able to go back to work", the nurse gasped out. I held new admiration for the astute woman, who else could say all that without taking another breath of air. I felt relieved, but I had not the strength to tell her so, she could enjoy my babbling at another time, unfortunately dear readers, you do not have the same luxury, but fear not I'm coming to the end of my tale. Despite my cynicism and pessimistic view of life I knew I had experienced the worst case tangle with the world of work but somehow no matter how off-putting it seemed, I was rather excited at the prospect of full time employment, which looms in front of me. Oh and if you think I was serious in this concluding paragraph, you obviously haven't listened to my work experience report properly and in that case I'll start from the beginning... Work Experience, three weeks of pain and suffering, which turned me from a school boy into a grown man, was it for good or just an ordeal that never should have taken place? You decide... The End ...read more.

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