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work poem

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Imran Alam 10.1 12312 June 2008 My work experience It was a busy Monday morning, the time was 9.35 I knew I was done for, late on the first day to arrive I entered the office, stood up straight She looked at the clock 'looks like you're late' 'sorry' I said, and gave a slight smile 'It was the bus you see, it took a while' Dr. Kesaraia was her name for sake Her first name was Illa, I once said it by mistake 'So' I said with my head held high 'what skills will I be expected to apply' 'today you'll be photocopying, doesn't that sound ace' Those words wiped the smile off my face. ...read more.


And everyone rushed out I stood there confused, I was in doubt A voice at the end of the hallway yelled out and cried 'A fire drill is in practice, everyone outside!' So there we all stood, in the cold and rain. But I guess this was standard procedure, who was I to complain I made my way, drenched as a pool In my weaker moments I said 'I miss school' Tuesday morning 'where the hell is the bus?' Now I was bound to make a fuss Looked at my watch and said 'now I'm doomed' An old man standing next to me politely assumed 'Just ...read more.


I started right way didn't want any trouble Got to filing on the double The days flew bye in the blink of an eye And I wasn't ready to say goodbye For things were just starting to become swell And I found I was enjoying myself With all the stapling and Filing and scanning that I had I thought to myself, this isn't so bad As I got to know the staff, they turned out to be nice Then came the Friday, we said our goodbyes An employers report was to be written and update But what would it be with all those lates I opened the booklet and to my great joy It said a polite, competent, hardworking boy By Imran Alam ...read more.

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