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Would loneliness be a better title for John Steinbeck's Of Mice & Men?

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BY MICHAEL CRAWLEY WOULD LONELINESS BE A BETTER TITLE FOR JOHN STEINBECK'S OF MICE & MEN? Loneliness is an important issue in this novel because it describes how most farm workers were feeling at the time of 'the great depression'. The great depression started in autumn 1929 it was due to climate change in mid America. The climate change meant there was little rain for seven years causing crops to fail which lead to properties being repossessed. With no other option but to emigrate that's what thousands of men did. After hearing about Californian farmers that needed help the men packed up and headed for California to try and find some work. These people were called migrant workers; they stayed in poor accommodation called Hooverviles but didn't care because they were grateful of the work. The migrant workers didn't have it easy; they had to work from dusk until dawn for their money. Many characters in this novel are lonely but to me there are three that particularly stand out from the rest. ...read more.


The men were constantly on the move looking for work to support their families back home. There was never any time to make friends or get emotionally involved with the work. During these hard times the wandering men would often come across hard characters. These times produced a hard character of person. People had o be hard because they couldn't afford to pay people if they was not doing the work. Money was hard to come across and people had to be protective over everything they own. The only way to make money during these times was to work hard and that's what they had to do. If you were unable to work then you were no use to anyone even yourself. This all leads to the fact that every one at this time is lonely and loneliness would have been an appropriate title for the novel. All of the charters in the book are lonely in different ways. Curley's wife is lonely because she is the only lady on the ranch. ...read more.


Lennie looks up to George and copies what he does we see this when they are drinking down by the stream. Lennie does what George tells him to and will not do anything until George say's he can. It's hard for George looking after Lennie and he often wonders why he bothers. Sometimes looking after Lennie can be hard and it's always left down to him to sort things out. Being together brought good things out the two people, together they had a dream of living in a marvellous house with stables, rabbits, and lots of land. They believed because they were different and have each other that the dream may come true, but deep down George knows that the dream is impossible. I believe that I have shown through my discussions of the characters the novel and the times it was set in that in that loneliness would have been an appropriate title, however I feel ' Of Mice & men' is a better title because what the novel is about is more of a mystery to the reader. The title 'loneliness' will have perhaps seemed a bit boring to the reader. ...read more.

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