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write a biography on the most important person in your life.

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My Neighbour Through the few years of my life, I have realized the importance of respecting the much older and more knowledgeable than myself. Much of this respect is gained by my old and affectionate neighbour. She has made me realize that life is worth while right to the very end, through the good times and bad. Living alone and having spent nearly all her life in the urban area of Luton, she has titled herself as a brave and strong hearted woman. Many neighbours get on with their lives and the only thing they will ever pass by is the formal, "Hello, how are you?" But Louise Hawkes has stood out and remained as a caring individual. Mrs. Hawkes was born in the county of Staffordshire near the countryside where her father owned a farm. This farm was passed down by her ancestors and it had become one of the family traditions. She was the youngest to four sisters and the most loved by her father. She recalls her childhood as her most prominent memory which didn't last for more than four years in to her life. The relationship she had between her father was more of friend rather than a parent and this relationship was envied by all her older sisters. She relates her childhood with the story of Cinderella, but in her case, she could be considered as the stubborn, horrible one while her sisters would assemble the hard working Cinders. On a typical day on the farm, she would get up early in the morning and trod along to where her father was already ploughing the fields. ...read more.


I think you're parents are right not letting you go out the house. Oh, and on the news they were saying that a couple of women got raped-" "- But it doesn't get dark until nine in most evenings." " And you know those women? They're terrified of leaving the house. I don't know why you are aloud to walk to the bus stop. I think you should get a taxi or something. Oh no! Don't take a taxi! You don't know what some of them are like. In "Crime Watch" they were saying that a taxi driver raped a passenger in broad day light and they were also saying that-" " -I'm sorry I've got to go otherwise I'm going to miss the bus." " Take care. Don't talk to any one that you don't know and certainly put that phone away. On "Crime Watch" a Girl got shot in the head for her phone-" I know that she's still shouting behind at me about all the incidents that she heard on "Crime Watch" or the latest on the news. Mrs Hawkes is always talking about safety and how one should remain alert about everything around them. She actually told us not to come around after 6pm because she won't open the door or even gat up to look at who that person on the door is. Lately, she has become very scared of opening the door in the morning. A disguised person knocked on her door at around 8pm and said that he wanted to search her house as she has given a room to a tenant. ...read more.


I was shocked at the fact that both of them worried about their belongings but no one cared to look at this innocent dead frog with blood oozing out of it! So from now on, either my brother or myself, have to go and trim Mrs. Hawkes's green turf minding the precious dahlias. Mrs. Hawkes cares for everyone and birthdays can be times in which she shows her friendliness. It was my birthday the previous week and I went over to her house to give some birthday cake to her. I have to be very careful with the time I go, certainly before 6pm. In return I would always get a �2 coin, wrapped up in intricate tissue paper. It used to be �1 before the �2 coin was invented. I believe that is what has made her special. Expensive gifts lose their value after some time, but a �2 coin can never lose its significance. Mrs. Hawkes has proven to be a very benevolent and thoughtful lady. Through her life she has suffered from many tragedies: the death of her father and being widowed two months after her marriage. But the main thing is that she never gave up; she stood up in the most bravest of ways. She has smiled through her life and remained energetic, right up to crouching on a walking stick. I have never seen her lose her temper as she's always happy. The horrible truth is that she is alone: no children, no husband and no other relative. But I will always respect her for her courage and for the times when she's cared for me. It's amazing what a two pound coin can do to a never-ending relationship a neighbour. ...read more.

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