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Write a commentary on how the conclusion of the play from ("you will not use me") is presented in the 1997 film

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Write a commentary on how the conclusion of the play from ("you will not use me") is presented in the 1997 film "The Crucible" was written in the 1950s by Arthur Miller during the cold war between America and Russia. America, being a capitalist country disliked the fact that Russia were a communist nation and McCarthy brought in McCarthyism where he tried to hunt down communist sympathisers in the government and society. This is linked to Miller because he was accused and he suffered because no one went to see his plays so he decided to make an allegory of current events by writing "The Crucible" in which he expressed some of his personal experiences through John Proctor because although it was set in 17th century Salem and the Salem witch trials it links to McCarthyism. Up to this point in the play Abigail accused people in Salem of witchcraft. The Proctor's marriage is distant because John Proctor had an affair with Abigail. ...read more.


The piece of paper makes the scene very dramatic as it backs up what John is trying to say and signifies what John is doing. "(Proctor tears the paper and crumples it and he is weeping in fury)" this is the stage direction which tells John to tear the paper to make the scene dramatic. When John Proctor takes the decision to hang. Hale is upset because he knows that John is innocent and he feels guilty because he was involved and doesn't want to see an innocent man hang also he realises hoe precious life is and doesn't want John to give it away: "Life is god's greatest gift" Parris and Danforth are annoyed with John because if he had confessed to witch craft it would have justified all the other hangings but they understand that when they hang John they will be ruined and exposed as corrupt that is why it is slightly ironic when Danforth says "Whoever weeps for these weeps for corruption" The ending of the play is very dramatic using Elizabeth as the last person to ...read more.


Miller persuades you that John Proctor didn't die in vain. Also Miller is trying to put the point across that falsely accusing people of something they haven't done has grave consequences' this has links to himself and McCarthyism. In the play the ending scene is finished with Elizabeth because it would be difficult to show a real hanging on a stage without actually hurting some one and also leaving it their it's a lot more dramatic showing the hanging through Elizabeth's eyes. Were as in the film you see John Proctor hang this looses a lot of the drama in the ending scenes but it gives you a much more clear ending. Even though the endings are similar the play creates a lot more suspense ending on Elizabeth's words rather than the actual hanging of John Proctor. In conclusion, Miller's message is that McCarthyism was wrong and has portrayed the message through "The Crucible" maybe linking himself to the character of John Proctor. His message is portrayed extremely well using suspense and drama to get his points across. ...read more.

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