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Write a comparative essay exploring the poet's attitude to love and how it is conveyed.

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Chose two love poems from a selection Write a comparative essay exploring the poet's attitude to love and how it is conveyed. 31/01/03 I am going to explore the many similarity's and differences between the two poems 'imitations' by Dannie Abse and 'from long distance' by Tony Harrison. In 'First love' the structure and form is similar to 'A red, red rose,' this is due to the rhyme. Each poem contains cross rhyme but use it in two different patterns. 'First love' contains a much more flowing sound, every line rhymes with another, this different to the more simple sound of 'A red, red rose.' In 'A red, red rose.' the 2nd and the 4th lines rhyme adding rhythm and creating a different and much tailored sound. Not only does each poem contain cross rhyme but both have only quatrains. Neither poem contains a couplet, this again shows the simplicity of each writer. The form of each poem is the same they are both story-like love poems - ballad, each about people poets. Each poet tries to create atmosphere in different ways, in 'First love' the author gives us the impression that we are outside. ...read more.


He then again extends it, not only is it 'a melody' but it is 'sweetly play'd in tune.' John Clare also used this method of extending similes. He says 'her face it bloomed like a sweet flower' again 'sweet' being an extension of flower and bloomed. This enhancement making the verse sound more romantic and affectionate. Clare's choice of verbs and adjectives is also noticeable within the poem. Verbs such as 'bloomed,' 'stole,' 'rushed,' 'struck,' and 'single,' are emphatic, here Clare also uses onomatopoeia where 'bloomed' sounds like it is said. Almost every sentence uses emphasis, not only is his life turned to clay but 'all' is, not only does his face turn pale but it turns 'deadly' pale. Deadly being connected with death and suffering. Clare exclaims that his life is 'turned to clay' this suggesting that the rest of his life, with out this women seems dull, boring and almost lifeless. Burns uses different methods to explain his love. Words such as 'bonnie lass', 'dear 'and' only love' are used as terms of endearment, these terms adding to the continuous adoring tone. ...read more.


He then goes on to ask two rhetorical questions, 'are flowers the winters choice?' 'Is loves bed always snow?' here he is asking himself if his loves bed is always cold, and if flowers are domed cold in winter - agony. He is using an adoring, passionate tone for his first love, but he himself comes across as rather depressed for he can almost not touch what he wants so much. Unlike Burn's, Clare writes in Standard English, this due to the difference in culture between the poets. Despite each poet's similar use of techniques, each poems meanings are individual. One is about the declaration of mature love and almost at the end of a cycle, where the poet is leaving, and will one day return and the other a sighting of love, almost the complete reverse for instead of being at the end of something special it is at the beginning. For a women has stolen his heart forever. Both poems are full of feeling, honest emotion, and passion. Each explaining the simple meaning of true love and romance. By Laura Meszaros 10SCA ...read more.

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