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Write A Comparison Of The Lamb And The Tyger.

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William Blake - Pre 1914 Poetry Write A Comparison Of The Lamb And The Tyger. William Blake was born in 1757 in London, from an early age he was interested in drawing and writing poetry. At ten years old he went to a drawing school and at fifteen he started in the art of engravery. He kept on writing poetry and his first book was published in 1783. He kept writing and brought out many more amazing pieces of poetry. He died in the 1827s. The lamb is a poem of questions and answers. It describes a mild and gentle creature with a placid temperament who's contented with life, warm, nourished and will live happily within it's environment 'making all the vales rejoice'. A truly innocent creature. In the poem William Blake uses the embodiment of another, this time a child, who was known as the 'lamb of God' the creator of all. It also refers to the potential innocent of humanity, the side of man that is capable of tenderness and kindness. The beginning of The Tyger poem suggests the bright and striking colours of a tiger to the flames of a fire and speaks of Gods frame of mind when creating such a creature - powerful and destructive 'what dread hand? ...read more.


The Lamb poem talks of a lamb being soft and cuddly 'softest clothing woolly bright' and also tells us that a lamb's cry is soft and gently 'such a tender voice'. Then it goes on to describe the lamb as meek, which means patient, and mild, which means soft and gentle, then William Blake goes on to describe the lamb as a child which is trying to get across the thought of a lamb being innocent and that it could never harm anyone. The Tyger is a very much different poem to The Lamb; it describes a tiger as a very fearful and strong creature. The first two sentences describe the tiger colours by say 'tyger tyger burning bright in the forests of the night' this is telling us the colour of flames (red and yellow) and the colour of the night (black) are the colours that a tiger is made up from. The two poems are very different in the fact that the words used in The Lamb are very short but sweet and the ones used in the tiger are very long and powerful. ...read more.


Looking at both of the poems it seem to me that God in The Tyger is very different from The Lamb as The Tyger's God is very powerful and feared by everyone and The Lamb's God is very soft gentle sort of like a farther figure to the world looking after everything and being very forgiving. God created the two animals very differently because there must be differences in the world for everyone to have a mind of there own, free will to do what ever there decision may be and to have there own opinions on a subject. I think William Blake wrote these two totally different poems to show that the world is based on differences and how it has bad people as well as good. I think that The Tyger poem was the best because I personally think there is more imagination gone in to because William Blake probably never saw a tiger but described it beautifully whereas lambs are very common and can be seen anywhere also it has more harsh and understandable words such as 'hammer' and 'furnace' because these still relate to today's way of life. ...read more.

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