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Write a Critical analysis of the extract “August Bank Holiday” How Effective is Dylan Thomas’ use of Language and Image.

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Write a Critical analysis of the extract "August Bank Holiday" How Effective is Dylan Thomas' use of Language and Image. August bank holiday by Dylan Thomas is a prose set on a beach built with an unusual metaphorical language to portrait a prose that I believe is a happy childhood memory of a family day out at the beach on an August bank holiday. He uses a very uncommon use of words and uses a lot of metaphors, alliteration and similes to paint a picture in your head of what he is writing. ...read more.


An example of a sad is: "I can remember the boy by himself, the beach combing lone wolf." This is using the lone wolf's solitude and loneliness of beach combing to say that the boy feels left out and lonely. As well as metaphors there is also alliteration, some of them roll off the tongue and others are tongue twisters but both emphasise or make a more interesting sentence. There are many examples of alliteration, here are some of them: "A wince and Whinny of bathers dancing into deceptive water." ...read more.


Another use of language is the use of verbs; the use of verbs is yet another way of making a more exciting sentence, the writer has used words such as dancing instead of walking, tore instead of ate and tumbling instead of playing, I think gives the prose a great touch. This prose overall I think is good at describing whatever they want and especially feelings and opinions but I think there is too much metaphorical writing and should use less also I think it would be extremely hard for young kids to relate and understand. ...read more.

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