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Write a critical discussion of passage A from The Great Gatsby

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Unit three: "Contemporary Study", Item Two. Write a critical discussion of passage A In passage A the reader is introduced to the heat of the novel "Already it was deep summer" this heightens the tension by the imagery of a "deep summer" because deep and summer is not usually words that are associated with each other. This is perhaps to prepare the readers for the entrance of Gatsby. Weather is a theme throughout the novel. This is shown in chapter 7 were the weather conditions were extreme "warmest of the summer" and is used here to heighten tension. Than the passage goes on to comment on the "new red gas-pumps sat out in pools of light" which is reference to the American dream by showing "pools of light" which illustrates the hope there was that was there for it to succeed and the ultimate failure of it because it was materialistically surrounded by "new" things i.e. by cars which show in the novel destructiveness of modern society. ...read more.


This is also showing that he believes that he could own the stars which is showing how extreme Gatsby is and how fragile his dream really is because he won't be able really ever to own the stars or eventually never Daisy. Gatsby is than seen by Nick to have "stretched out his arms towards the dark water" due to wanting to reach towards Daisy but you only find this out later in the novel. This shows how pathetic his attempt at reaching for Daisy is because he will never reach her by doing this. This could be a metaphor for how close yet how far he was at getting Daisy back. This quote also shows the vulnerability of Gatsby and this is than shown when he was noticed to be "...trembling..." Which is the first realisation that he's not all that he portrays himself as, which is reflected in the chapter where he is trembling when he meets Daisy at Nick's house. ...read more.


This was because it represented to Gatsby and the sailors a way to start over again but the difference with Gatsby was that he wanted the past of his relationship to Daisy to play a major role in his dream. Where as the Dutch sailors saw the land as a new start to right the mistakes of the past. The last paragraph shows human desire for something more, something greater than they can possible imagine which is what Gatsby indicated by his "outstretched arms in chapter 1 and now humanity reflects this in chapter 9 "stretch out our arms farther" This is also reflecting the American spirit which has come across on many occasions (aftermath of September 11th"). This paragraph also conveys the defiance of humanity against nature which parallels Gatsby's defiance of time and nature "boats against the current" This is showing the uphill struggle that Gatsby fought and which most of us still try to defy. It also shows that you can buy the boat but you can't buy the sea, which is the case for Gatsby, he brought the house and the parties but he couldn't buy love. ?? ?? ?? ?? Barrie Panayi ...read more.

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