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Write a leaflet for parents in which you persuade them about childrens reading from a specific point of view.

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Write a leaflet for parents in which you persuade them about children?s reading from a specific point of view. Seeing is Believing, Reading is Achieving- The truth about fiction books. What is a perfect family? Picture this. A mother and her daughter, both literate. Her mother forces her daughter to read complicated and factual books so that it improves her academic studies. The daughter complies, and does whatever her mother asks her to. They are the model family, that you should aspire to be. Or are they? 90% of illiterate children all over the world do not go to schools, then universities, thus, getting low paid and uninteresting jobs. 95% of children who do read end up with well paid and fairly interesting jobs. Those facts are commonly known to be true and a wide variety of people are aware of them. But, what they don?t know is that 10% of those children who do read and have done impressivly in all subjects, read something more specific. ...read more.


It helps them understand a person deep down and recognise anyone in need of help or comfort. Imagination Apart from developing your empathy, reading fiction also develops your imagination. As you read stories, you imagine the characters and their surroundings. You get images of what the characters say and even feel, all inside your head. A good example of this is the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan. The language in this book is bright, clear and descriptive. You can envision anything you would want; a thousand fireworks bursing in the air to form a flash of colour or a dark, drab and dank cave, portrayed in a way to make you feel terrified. Vocabulary Studies have been done and they show that children who read fiction and take Vocabulary exams do 14% better than normal readers. That is because it broadens your vocabulary and widens your knowledge. As Steve Jobs once said: ?Life- transforming ideas have always come to me through books and stories? Your vocabulary can be developed in an enjoyable way. ...read more.


You should encourage your children to read fiction and maybe even give them a few taster books. My Top Five books and why they would be helpful are: * The Thief Lord- Cornelia Funke- Excersises your brain only 5.34 pounds on Amazon! * As I have said before, Bridge to Terabithia is the perfect example to help develop empathy in young reader- 3.79 pounds on Amzon! * Percy Jackson is also a quite perfect example of a book to develop your imagination- 3.85 pounds for the first book on Amazon! * Matilda by Roald Dahl would help you immensly in improving your vocabulary only 5.87 pounds on Amazon! * Last but not least, I am sure you have heard of the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling,they would help you improve your concentration in class- 5.24 pounds for the first book on Amazon! Reading fiction is a neccessity if you want your child to achieve the best results they could possibly try to get. Do you want to let your child down? Because at the end of the day, it is your descision, not mine. Katerina Drakos 11MDO Word Count: 1054 (without question) ...read more.

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