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Write a letter to a penpal in the USA advising them on how to live a healthy lifestyle

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Dear Jane, Thank you for your letter; I really enjoyed reading about what it is like in America. I thought I would share a few ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, I would advise you to have a balanced diet and include plenty of fruit and vegetables. It does not mean that you just eat fruit; you can also have fatty food but just in moderation. You may think that eating fruit and vegetables often is really boring but you can make your own chips by cutting them up yourself and the let them cook in the grill. ...read more.


By doing exercise, you work you heart so that it is fit. You do not just have to run, you can do exercise in all different forms such as: dance, team sports and swimming. Keeping active is a good way of keeping healthy because people who are obese put a lot of strain on their heart; this means that they are likely to suffer from heart attack. I would advise you to not always watch television and go on the computer all the time, as it means that you aren't moving and not getting any exercise. You can use the computer and watch television, just control how often and how long you go on it each day. ...read more.


In addition, just enjoy life. Stress can cause people to become unwell, unhappy and tired. If you smile and think optimistically about life, then you will immediately feel better. Finally, I am aware that you have to be over 21 to be allowed to smoke and drink. However, there are many people I know that there are people in the UK aged around 15 who smoke and drink. My granddad died when he was young because of his poor lungs which were caused by smoking from a young age. My uncle also died when he was young because of liver cancer which was caused by drinking too much alcohol. I would advise you not to smoke and drink as it will affect you life as you get older. From Judy ...read more.

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