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Write a letter to the Government about a Social Networking Issue.

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´╗┐Write a letter to the Government about a Social Networking Issue. Dear Government Communications Department, I am writing this letter to bring to your attention to multiple Social network issues which I avidly feel must be strongly addressed immediately. My concern for this is very serious and I believe this issue is a major factor in our age. Social Networking is one of the literal essences of our era. Around the world, many people rely on Social Networking sites such as, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to express their feelings freely, to arrange events with others or to communicate with people across the globe or across the room. Being protected on the Internet is as imperative as being protected in real life, due to the amount of hackers and spies there are. There are many hazards included with the package of a Social Networking account. Some of these risks are: hijacked information, viruses or spyware within attachments or pictures, access to age inappropriate content, cyber-bullying/stalking and many others. ...read more.


Phishing is a continuous threat which keeps growing to this day. The risk grows even larger in Social Networking Sites, where there are many people in one group, making them an easy target. Hackers commonly use these sites to attack people at home, or in public such as, airports, internet cafes or libraries in order to take personal and security information which can affect the user or even a company, if set in a workplace environment. Another form of Phishing is the recently devised term, Cat Phishing. It is to create a fake online identity to deceive people into a long-term romantic or idealistic relationship. Cat phishing is not always built around romance. Some may create a fake identity to set a ploy for a cheating partner or to spy on someone, without leaving any evidence of their true selves. These scammers may seem like real people but they are a few ways to know if they are truly legitimate. ...read more.


The Government can be a very good help in this mission of removing all causes of these problems. By making sure teenagers know how to stay safe, you can encourage them to tell you if they come across anything distrustful or if anybody says/does an action which makes them feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. Bots should be introduced to computers which are frequently used by children; in schools, libraries or at home. These bots will filter search results to limited content, free from adult-related material. An alternative method will be to install an Internet content filter which works in a similar way. By discussing the risks and making up some rules which the parent and teenager both comfortably agree with, teenagers will most likely become more aware of what they do on the Internet. They should be taught how to report content which they feel is not suitable to their liking. There are many more problems not yet in mainstream consciousness which need to be more publicized around the world. I request your help in increasing the safety of users using Social Networking Sites. Yours sincerely, ?.. ...read more.

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