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Write a magazine article about how successful the spoof Austin Powers film, Goldmember is in satirising the spy film genre.

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Write a magazine article about how successful the spoof Austin Powers film, Goldmember is in satirising the spy film genre. THE NAME'S POWERS, AUSTIN POWERS What is the spy genre? A complex plot of intrigue and subterfuge wrapped together with the goal of world domination, in short and average day in the office for James Bond. Many would argue that the classic James Bond film is itself a parody of the spy genre. Whereas traditional spy films are slower paced rather than the fast, gripping action of James Bond. Original spy films reflect real life and are gritty and more realistic. Bond films stretch reality and give a more extreme view, the one that a ten year old would see when he tells his parents he wants to be a spy. He would have in his mind a world of farfetched gadgets, invisible cars, submarines and lasers amongst others. If Bond films satisfy this view of the spy at work, Austin Power's takes it to the extreme. Bond has knack of tempting fate, surviving fatal situations, which would take all nine lives from a cat. Once he's survived the impossible he pops up looking like he's just come out of the tailors at Saville Row. Tie perfect, bloodless, shirt crisp and white and hair gelled to Hollywood perfection. This cannot be said about Austin Powers, the hapless hero of Goldmember. ...read more.


Spending thousands of pounds on wine and champagne is as common for him as crashing the latest Aston Martin. Bond's spending and lavish accessories are tasteful within the world of the rich and famous. Austin Powers' accessories are anything but subtle. His choice of car is no less patriotic than Mr Bond's Aston Martin but the Jaguar painted with a Union Jack on it, and it's number plate of 'SHAGUAR' is distinctly less subtle. He probably gets these traits from his father, Nigel Powers, as he has a yacht named 'HMS SHAG AT SEA' a Mini Cooper with the number plate 'GR8 SHAG'. These are far from subtle, but very 'austin-tatious'. As poised and polished as Bond is to the slightly bumbling and dishevelled style of Austin Powers, so the films production style plays on this contrast between the films. Bond films are as smooth as a knife through butter, with seamless special effects and computer-generated images, to go alongside top-notch production qualities. To top it all off, the explosions, crashes and bangs within Bond films are so realistic you feel you are really in the thick of the action. Goldmember like the other Austin Powers movies pride themselves on low budget effects. Hence exposing the behind the scene view of 'Fat Bastards wire fighting manoeuvre'. Firstly you can see all the wires attached to Fat Bastards not insubstantial body and in addition all the people holding the wires are in silhouette behind a screen. ...read more.


If every Spy hero needs an evil villain then every evil villain must have a loyal henchman. So Dr Evil's henchman, Mini-Me is an exact replica of Scaramanga's henchmen, Nick Knack, except that Mini-Me actually looks like Dr Evil. Frau Farbissima, Dr Evil's henchwoman is identical to Rosa Klebb, Blofeld's henchwoman, in every respect, from their dress sense, to the way they laugh. Dr Evil's henchman in the first film, Random Task was a copy of Oddjob, Goldfinger's henchman. Being a Korean ex-wrestler, he is identical to Oddjob; apart from he throws his shoes instead of a bowler hat with a steel rim. The final parody between the films is the fact that Goldfinger kills his victims by painting them head to foot with gold paint. Goldmember doesn't do that but he paints his victims 'meat and two veg' gold. As mentioned before James Bond is a parody itself of traditional spy films, without them Bond films would not be so enjoyable. Goldmember works as a film in its own right but because it satirises James Bond films the comic effect is increased. Many of the jokes would not be funny if the viewers where not familiar with James Bond. Does this make Goldmember a satire of the whole spy genre, probably not. Does it make it a satire of the James Bond genre, yes it does. 1 James king ...read more.

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