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Write a personal and imaginative piece bringing out your emotions. You must write to imagine, explore, entertain.

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Q: Write a personal and imaginative piece bringing out your emotions. You must write to imagine, explore, entertain. BEYOND THE CLOSED EYELIDS. 22nd August 2003 It has been a long time since I have reflected over the events that occurred three years ago. To the world, it has been three years since the incident took place, but to me it seems as though it were yesterday. I still remember how long the night was when it all happened, I can still hear those crucial words that entered my ears and hastened my heartbeats. I can still remember the long wait for the Final Verdict and most of all, I can still remember the summer three years ago... 6th July 2000 (Three years ago.) I opened my eyes only to witness the brightly illuminated ceiling. The hospital lights flushed through the whole general ward, lit up my face and tortured my already weak eyes. It was late evening right now and I noticed that I could hardly sit up because of the pain in my lower abdomen. It was just after exams were over and everyone's spirits were high. However, the fact that I had to get my appendix removed weighed over my spirits and made me feel like the sinking Titanic. Not even the fact that I had topped the class could cheer me up. Slowly, with the help of my mom, I propped myself in my hospital bed and waited for the doctor to come over and examine my "critical condition." " So how are you this evening young lady?" asked the cordial voice of Dr. ...read more.


I had absolutely no idea of what was going to happen. Suddenly I felt the presence of someone gripping my elbows tightly to console me. "The ward boy told me that she hit the railing while she fell down." Said Mrs. D' Mello from behind me. I didn't respond to this for I couldn't. I felt dead and was waiting for a miracle to strike. I just hoped that the operation wouldn't take long for the wait was already unbearable. I didn't want it to get excruciating. 22nd August 2000 (12:30 a.m.) Every second brought a mixed array of emotions inclusive of hope, despair, numbness and not to mention a trickle of sweat on the brow. I was confused as to how I survived those seven hours (which seemed like seven lifetimes at that point in time.) Then quite suddenly, a gust of air escaped the operation theatre cooling the sweat and agony off my face. I expected news but to my sheer disappointment, it was just a nurse's journey to get some blood samples and X-rays. Before the door closed, I managed to hear something which I wished I wouldn't have. " Doctor, the patient is sinking fast!" An urgent screeching voice said. "Nurse, get the blood samples and X-rays NOW!" was the second response. Knowing that interrupting the nurse now wouldn't be the right move, both for my emotional state as well as for Kathy's life I stayed where I was. Waiting. Sobbing. Frozen. 22nd August 2000 (2 a.m.) Ages later, a doctor came out of the operation theatre and transferred my thoughts from the nightmare in my dreams to the nightmare of reality that was about to hit me. ...read more.


A child who is struggling to steal away from the curse that has been given to her. A child, who is still fresh just like the flowers Mrs. D' Mello had brought for her three years ago. I still have retained those flowers. Indeed, time has also caught up with them and they are now brittle and lifeless just like Kathy seems to be. But whenever I smell them, I can still feel the fragrance in them that is eternal. I know that just like Kathy, even those lifeless orange and purple flowers are also keen to bring joy into other people's lives and I know that they will never give up that hope. I then decided that I would go to see the old-timer Mrs. Anne D' Mello. I crossed the gift shop and went to the chemist asking for her. It wasn't till after half an hour that I learned that she had retired. Just before I was leaving the hospital I decided to pause and take a good look around me. On a personal level I had lost an irreplaceable friend but when I looked around the world seemed as similar as it was three years ago. There was hustle and bustle in every nook and corner and no one in that entire place had the time to stop over and consider where life was taking them. It was then that I decided that life goes on... with us or without us. It just goes on. While leaving the place I was lucky enough to catch the sight of a shooting star and I didn't know whether or not my wish would be answered but in any case, I hoped that God would help the flower named Kathy Blaker bloom again. ...read more.

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