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Write a review of Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo and Juliet' analysing the ways in which you think he makes it appealing to a modern audience?

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Charlie Bond Write a review of Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo and Juliet' analysing the ways in which you think he makes it appealing to a modern audience? Baz Luhrmann the Australian film director chose to modernize the well known play of 'Romeo and Juliet'. The play began as a poem, written by Arthur Brook called 'The Tragicall History of Romeous and Juliet.' The poem itself is a translation of a popular fictional novel by Bandello .William Shakespeare saw this poem and chose to adapt it to a play script in 1593. 'Romeo and Juliet' is referred to as Shakespeare's most popular play because and of its thrilling and complex plot. The play script since then has been adapted and interpreted a large number of times for many theatre productions and films but none of the scale of Luhrmann's. The entertaining and dramatic plot was way ahead of its time and still can used as a modern story line in an modern film in today's society as Luhrmann superbly demonstrated in his 1996 adaptation of 'Romeo and Juliet'. Luhrmann's interpretation of Shakespeare's play can be vastly explored and the techniques which he used to modernize it can be deeply analysed. Luhrmann's interpretation was found to be appealing and attractive to a modern audience, the reasons for this can also be thoroughly examined. ...read more.


The families of Montague and Capulet in the original play first meet at their town centre, Luhrmann thought that they needed to update to a more modern and realistic setting for the opening scene. Luhrmann decided that a petrol station would be a better place where people would regularly cross each other. There is a variety of different camera techniques used in the opening scene help add something extra to the title sequence. The use of close up in the feet tell the audience that it is a character of stature and importance and help identify the character. Luhrmann chose to keep the original language of Shakespeare to keep the essence of the play that originally made it so popular. There is a range of different camera angle and lots of editing made the scene modern and action packed but too many camera changes. The use of extreme close ups on Tybalt's face showed he was menacing and not to be messed with that adds the tension when he appears. His metal teeth symbolise strength and imply s that he is fearsome. Tybalt's shirt featured a religious image to imply that they believed in religion and that it was very important in their day, but still keeping the modern theme. Close ups of people faces in reaction to "Do you bite your thumb at us sir?" ...read more.


It is a slow scene and with close up and effective editing which adds to the romance. Then the security guard appears, the risk of being caught again adds to the romance. Soft lighting is used which is also romantic. The original scenes of act thee are brought straight into the twentieth century because modern and retro costumes and objects are used such as sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts. Also it has a modern setting of Verona beach Los Angeles instead of original setting bring it up to date. The Capulets wear black, Mercutio contrasts against them which symbolises dislike difference in views. There is fast pace editing as the tension and dramatic in the fight scene begins to build up. Pathetic fallacy, weather reflects the mood of the film, helps to build up the suspense and tension amongst the film. These techniques help modernise the film. In conclusion Luhrmann uses a wide variety of techniques to make the film appealing for a modern day audience. Deciding to keep the same script was a brave decision but was beneficial to his creative adaptation. He chose to focus more on the editing than tampering with the plot of the play, this worked well as he still kept the essence of the original play. I think that Luhrmann achieved in making it appealing to a modern audience. Luhrmann got nominated at the Oscars for Best achievement in Art Direction for his work on "Romeo and Juliet" but lost to "Titanic. Charlie Bond ...read more.

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