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Write a review of the film portrayal of the Battle of Agincourt by Kenneth Branagh and Lawrence Olivier, for a GCSE history revision guide.

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Write a review of the film portrayal of the Battle of Agincourt by Kenneth Branagh and Lawrence Olivier, for a GCSE history revision guide. Finished reading GCSE History textbooks? Well done but now lets look at the film Portrayal of it from Lawrence Olivier and Kenneth Branagh. This review should help you determine which film is more relevant, and what aspects of it will help you with your history GCSE. The Battle of Agincourt is portrayed in completely different ways in the two films. The first film of the Battle of Agincourt was directed by Lawrence Olivier and acted by him. It was released in 1944 and it is widely believed that it was released with an aim to boost moral during the Second World War as propaganda. With this in mind you can predict what the film would generally be like; it would try to not make war look horrific and distressing to watch, it would try to make it look noble. ...read more.


The Battle of Agincourt by Lawrence Olivier is on the whole very advanced for it's time and to its audience clearly very successful, however a modern day audience (you) would not enjoy it as much as Kenneth Branagh's. But remember, you don't want to enjoy it, you want to study it. Lawrence Olivier was fairly clever in how he released his film in a time more likely to catch people's attention, and gain popularity. The British people were feeling beaten up and needed a sense of worth; Lawrence Olivier gave them this by elaborating British patriotism and giving the British a reason to be proud of their country. By doing this he made his film very successful and didn't the high budget for it's time wasn't important as the British Government helped funding it. Lawrence Olivier's film is not historically factual and should only be shown as the British perception of the war. Kenneth Branagh's portrayal of the Battle of Agincourt was in general; more realistic, bloodier and more exciting. ...read more.


In 1989 cinema was more independent from theatre, therefore Kenneth Branagh could remake The Battle of Agincourt more realistically and in general more convincingly. In comparison Lawrence Olivier's film was far more patriotic and the scenery and general mood was more colourful but is less realistic. Here is an image from Kenneth Branagh's version. The armour and clothing is more like it was in the year 1415 (date of the Battle of Agincourt), the producer or directors have clearly researched this. Also there faces are bloody and muddy like they should be after a battle. This picture is of Lawrence Olivier's film, as you can see the skies are blue and the scene is very colourful. Even after the battle the people are clean. In conclusion both films have a bias view towards the British during the battle, so none are true sources of evidence, remember it's just a movie and its main aim is to entertain NOT to be an official piece of historic evidence. You should only watch these films to give you some sort of vision of the Battle; the British perception. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Burgess Year 11 set 1 English Coursework ...read more.

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