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Write a speech arguing that smoking is bad for young people

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Write a speech to deliver to your year group in assembly, arguing that smoking is bad for them. Ladies and Gentlemen; did you know: Smoking is extremely bad for you; 20 percent of all early deaths are from smoking? Not only do you die earlier, but it can cause other illnesses such as lung cancer, heart disease, oesophagus cancer and chronic bronchitis. It is a fact that 114,000 people die each year due to smoking. The young teenage age has its ups and downs: a good social life, the worry from exams. Many people go out at night; people who do not smoke may get pressured into smoking because their other friends do it. ...read more.


Smoking is not the way forward to deal with stress; there are other ways to deal with it. Smoking, in fact, makes you look much older than you really are. All young people are interested in how they look, so why ruin it by smoking? It has been proven that smoking make you look older by over 10 years. Would you like that to happen to you? I am sure you are all aware about the health factors of smoking. By smoking, you are creating a layer of tar onto you lungs; this puts a lot of pressure onto your lungs as they have to work much harder to get oxygen in the blood. ...read more.


You may think that smoking looks really cool and that all famous actors and actresses do it. But in reality, it is shortening your life by around 10 years. Do you want to die earlier than the average life expectancy? My grandfather started smoking because he felt it looked cool. He died at 50 from lung failure. Do you want to die a painful way like my grandfather did? To conclude, people feel that smoking is considered the "cool" thing to do nowadays and start smoking due to peer pressure from other things. So, do you really want to go around with yellow teeth, bad breath and looking 10 years older than you really are? ...read more.

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