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Write a speech to persuade young people not to smoke

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Write a speech to deliver to your year group in assembly, persuading them that smoking is bad for them. Thank you for coming here to listen to me today; I want to make you aware about smoking and why it is bad for you. There are some people in this assembly who do smoke nowadays; this could be because you think it looks cool. However, if you do smoke, you will always have bad breath and yellow teeth. This does not look cool. How would you feel to go around school on your own because you stink? You would not like that. ...read more.


It has been proven that people smoke because they are under a lot of pressure at school and smoking calms the nerves. But, do you really want to look ten years older than you really are? There are other ways in which you can deal with stress, but that is not what I am here to talk about. Also, the obvious disadvantage with smoking is that it destroys your lungs. I am sure you have all seen a picture of what a healthy lung looks like, and then a picture of a smoker's lung. If you didn't know, a healthy lung is pink and a smoker's lung is black because it has been covered with a layer of tar. ...read more.


This is why I stress that you should not start smoking. Finally, it has proven that smoking shortens a person's life by around 10 years plus, due to the tar on the lungs. Some people begin smoking due to peer pressure from friends and other people; but do you really want to listen to what your friends say, when you could potentially risk a shorter life? My grandfather used to smoke a lot. He smoked two packets a day because he was dealing with a lot of stress from work. A person's average life expectancy is 76 years old for a man. He died at 50. Do you really want to die at a young age? I hope you have considered my points and that you do not start smoking because of this. Thank you. ...read more.

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