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Write About A Band/Artist You Love - English Essay

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Write about a Band / Artist you Love I have always liked music since I was young, but one of many bands I like, my favourite at the moment has to be Skillet; a Christian rock band. But even if you?re not religious, they are still an incredible band to listen to. By playing hard rock music and incorporating ?Christian? lyrics into their work really makes them stand apart from other groups in that industry. Skillet was formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States. The band currently consists of: husband and wife John (lead vocals, bass) and Korey Cooper (rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals); Jen Ledger (drums, vocals) ...read more.


But unlike most rock bands, they don?t swear in their songs (so it?s okay to play around my parents?) Unlike most repetitive, unoriginal, and pretty vulgar chart music, this band?s music has a meaning to every song, but also has a great beat. Not only does the song ?Hero? have a catchy beat, but it also has a meaning behind it. A lyric from this song is ?I?ve got a hero living in me?, saying that?s even though he?s not ?Superman? he ? and anyone else ? can be a hero and a part of them will always be a hero to someone. Alternatively, Skillet is a Christian rock band so ?a hero?s not afraid to give His life? could be a biblical reference to Jesus. ...read more.


I am always very critical when a band plays. I tend to judge the band on how well they can play live. This is a very general subject. It incorporates sound production. Can I hear specific instruments and each person?s voice? I judge the overall ?wow? factor and entertainment value. Was I really satisfied after leaving the show and will I look forward to come seeing them live again? I believe Skillet met these expectations of mine for the most part. With the combination of skilled musicians and quality sound engineering, they really put on a fantastic show that I would gladly re-live. Overall, due to the catchy beat, meaningful lyrics and original style, Skillet is my favourite band and one that I love. ...read more.

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