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Write about a play, film, poem or book which has altered your outlook on life.

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NAME: CHEN MEIJIE SHERYL CLASS: 2B 4. Write about a play, film, poem or book which has altered your outlook on life. Talking about different genres of literary works, I have come across many. But few fails to secure any place in my memory, much less, teach me anything meaningful or significant. (Yet teachers in school talk about reading more books and improving both our languages and characters?). Oh well, true or not, I think it differs in many individuals. Personally, I have come across (finally!) a play, which greatly moved me, and eventually changed my outlook on life. This work of wonders that muscled its way to the number one spot is a play by William Shakespeare, entitled "The Merchant of Venice". When it first made its 'debut appearance' during one of my Literature lessons, boy was it a total bore! Few bothered to pay attention to the teacher, and poor Shakespeare probably wondered why his play did not receive as much attention and popularity as he expected! Of course, beautiful works as such could not possibly go unappreciated. Gradually, this play began to appeal to me as I started to comprehend the depth of it. Ancient English words did hinder me, but looking beyond them made me feel the true meaning of the words... ...read more.


Yet, I was repeatedly thinking of the advice that Portia (another character in The Merchant of Venice) had given Shylock. I gave it a shot, after much contemplation and lots of determination. Although I could not be that magnanimous and possibly forgive him totally, at least I attained much peace and was no longer trapped in that dark shadow. I could finally walk out of the darkness, and all thanks to the play. The anger in me had vaporized into clouds of fury and blown away. I really learnt that being merciful was one way I can free myself. Life was no longer, to me, a game of tit-for-tat. It was more of facing such stony adversaries with a forgiving heart, and expelling them with goodness and mercy. In that way, life would be so much more enjoyable and enriching. I believe, throughout our teenage lives, there will be phases marked with significance and of course, bad memories. Such may be an acquaintance with someone of terrible character. Terrible character, to me, was defined as someone who betrays and back-stabs his friends for personal interests. To those who got to know people of such personalities, they would probably be driven to fits of agitation even at mere appearances of these so-called brats. ...read more.


I eventually forgiven him, and now, although we aren't as close as we were before, but at the very least, we are still on friendly talking terms. Indeed, being forgiving and merciful is a great guide to better relationships with people who appear to be the bane of our existence. This time round, I dare say that the word 'Mercy' has been drilled into my mind, held close to my heart, and flowing in my blood. With this, moments of wrath will eventually be seasoned with mercy. Mercy. A simple five-lettered word. But yet, it means something much more than five hours of heart-to-heart confrontation. It comes unstrained from the heart and can do without words. True enough, showing mercy is impractical and almost impossible for most people. But does it hurt to just render that bit of mercy? It is definitely not going to do as much harm as a lifetime of hatred would. Just remember, mercy seasons justice. You may hate a person and pursue as much justice as you could have gotten, but right till the end, you gain your justice, but leave someone there, suffering, praying for mercy. Is that what you really want? Certainly not, right? Keep this word close to your heart and let it become part of you naturally. Sure enough, you will find that the world is much happier and more carefree to live in! *||...tHe eNd...||* (1625 words) ...read more.

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