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Write about Miller's presentation of Eddie Carbone in "A View from the Bridge" and consider the version of masculinity that he presents in contrast with the other men in the play and how he deals with his life in America.

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"Eddie is doing the best for his family: he is attempting to install positive values and support Catherine in her life. He is merely misunderstood" Write about Miller's presentation of Eddie Carbone in "A View from the Bridge" and consider the version of masculinity that he presents in contrast with the other men in the play and how he deals with his life in America. How are the audience meant to react to him. The above quotation about Eddie Carbone is true to an extent, but then one could argue that it isn't true. To determine that the quotation is true, we need to look at the character of Eddie Carbone, to see whether he is doing the best for his family, rather than for himself. It is also necessary to examine whether he is attempting to install values and support Catherine for her future life or is he just doing what he does for his own personal self. After examining Eddie's character, it will become clearer to us what Eddie's motives are. It is essential to see how Eddie behaves in different situations and depending on how people act towards him and whether they provoke him to behave in the manner that he does. One of the main themes in `A View from the Bridge' is Eddie's masculinity. It is clearly seen that Eddie's masculinity is very important to him. He has many expectations of how a man should behave, it seems that if any men behave differently from him he dislikes them. The fact that he comes from a Sicilian background is another reason for the version of masculinity he presents in `AVFTB'. As Eddie comes from a Sicilian background, he believes that the man should be the leader of the household and dominate over women. He has an idea in his mind that there is a way to be Italian looking and a way to behave in the "Italian Manner". ...read more.


Rodolpho such as "he cooks, he sings etc, but when he hits Rodolpho, we see the other side of Marco for the first time in `AVFTB'. Eddie challenges Rodolpho to a boxing match to try and hint to Catherine and Beatrice that Rodolpho is homosexual. This some what makes Marco angry, but because Marco is living under Eddie's roof he doesn't say anything. He tries to get revenge in some way because he cares about his family very much that is the reason why he came to America, so that his family could live a better life back in Italy. To get revenge and demonstrate his masculinity, Marco challenges Eddie to a challenge of his own. He asks Eddie to lift a chair with only one leg. He does this because he is trying to humiliate him, like he attempted to do to his younger brother. Eddie attempts the task. "He tries again, but fails" "Marco is face to face with Eddie, a strained tension gripping his eyes and jaw, his neck stiff, the chair raised like a weapon above Eddie's head...." Here we can see that Marco is questioning Eddie's authority because Eddie had violated his. Marco wanted to demonstrate to Eddie that he has strength and he is there to protect Rodolpho. One could argue that Marco set this task for Eddie because he believed that no matter how many times Eddie will try, he will still fail. Marco is attempting to hint to Eddie that he is weak because he failed the task, and that he is not as manly as he thinks. At this point in `AVFTB' one could say that Miller has used the word weapon in the stage directions, to make it clear to the audience that Marco is threatening Eddie. In other words one could say that Marco does not like to use his tongue as a weapon but he some what prefers to use his physical strength as his weapon. ...read more.


He would do this by having less of everything like performance space, loudness of volume etc. which would make him look more kind and thoughtful. One could say that the audience would react to the character of Eddie Carbone as being an evil and self-centred character. It could also be said that the audience will not sympathise with the character of Eddie Carbone at all, after seeing what his intentions are (by examining his facial expressions and movement on the stage, and hints in the way in which he speaks), to see whether or not his motives for his actions are sincere or not, however some people may believe that he didn't deserve to die. It could also be said that if the actor playing Eddie lacks in one particular area such as facial expressions, the audience may get the wrong impression. After examining the character of Eddie Carbone, one could argue that he is not doing the best for his family at all. It can also be said that he is definitely not attempting to install positive values and support Catherine. If he wanted to support Catherine and install positive values in her life, he wouldn't do things such as kiss her on the mouth or try to separate her from the man that she loves just because he dislikes him. It can be said that he is not doing the best for his family in anyway because he is too bothered about his respect from the neighbourhood and his status in the household that he doesn't know what he is doing to his family and the way in which he is hurting them. The words that can sum up Eddie Carbone are selfish, ignorant and self-centred, this is because in `AVFTB' all he is bothered about is himself and whatever he does is for his benefit and nobody else. From all of the above it can be clearly seen that Eddie is not doing the best for his family at all and he is without doubt not misunderstood. ...read more.

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