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Write About the Common Thread, Which Runs Through Seamus Heaney's Poems.

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Write About the Common Thread, Which Runs Through Seamus Heaney's Poems. Seamus Heaney, a famous author, who has written many famous and heartfelt poems and sonnets, such as Follower and Mid-term Break, has shown to have a link, which runs through each of his poems. A theme, which has seemed to crop up continuously. This expression of theme is childhood innocence, tradition and family. He often writes about childhood memories and thoughts of his past. He incorporates his childhood into his poetry by writing about his own experiences. Heaney's poetry takes him back to his childhood. It reminds him of family traditions which he may not take part in now, as he is older and has a bigger life than what he did on the farm, and he shows how he enjoys his time there. ...read more.


He admired his father as he worked on the farm, and he felt like he wanted to grow up in his fathers shadow. 'All I ever did was follow in his broad shadow round the farm.' You can tell from reading the poem that his father has traditional methods of farming as he uses horse ploughs and other methods of farming. Heaney had an ambition to be like his father. As he grew older, he seemed to swap roles with his father, which gives a sense of irony, as it was him who followed his father around in admiration 'stumbling in his hobnailed wake,' and wanting to be just like him. It is at the very end that Heaney actually became his father, taking on the farm and finding his dad has become his younger former self, 'but today it is my father who keeps stumbling behind me, and will not go away.' ...read more.


I'll dig with it.' Death of A Naturalist is also about Heaney's past as it is a recollection of an incident, which frightened him as a child. It shows childhood innocence through his vivid imagination in the vengeance of the frogs, "The great slime kings were gathered there for vengeance and I knew that if I dipped my hand the spawn would clutch it." He also shows his childhood innocence though his old hobbies such as filling jam pots full of frog's spawn and watching it hatch. Through the exploration of Heaney's poems we can see that the common threads are family, tradition and childhood innocence. There are many techniques that he uses and this I think is one of the greatest, the reoccurrence of these simple themes, which are left to play on our minds. ...read more.

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