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Write about the creation of dramatic tension in act 2, scene 2 of “Macbeth” With reference to Shakespeare’s text and a range of film versions.

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Write about the creation of dramatic tension in act 2, scene 2 of "Macbeth" With reference to Shakespeare's text and a range of film versions. Act 2 scene 2 is important within the play because the murder of Duncan is where the play really heats up and makes the audience to continue watching. It is also the start of Macbeths reign of king. This scene is very dramatic because Macbeth shows a lot of feelings for someone who he works for and respects. This murder is also different from all the other murders because he actually physically does the murder but the murders that come after this one are not done b him but his henchmen. The murder of Macbeth changes they way they feel about Macbeth instead of a tough strong person but a ruthless person. Macbeth is portrayed differently in each of the film versions, which we have watched. In polanski's film he is shown to be a much more violent and ruthless person. To show this they show the audience the murder-taking place like the Jeremy Freeston and the Modern (Macbeth on the estate) versions but Polanski's shows the knife going into the neck of the king (Duncan). ...read more.


The film 'Macbeth on the estate' is a much more modern and the director of it has put the main storyline of Shakespeare's text and put it on to a now-a day setting. By doing this, the film becomes more appealing to the younger generation. The language in the film is some off the original text but has been edited to fit in with the time. During the actual murder scene the actor of Macbeth, he shows the feeling of what e is going through really dramatically, he speaks at a fast pace and they show he walking up to Duncan very slowly to build up the tension in the audience which will get them hanging of the edge of their chairs. Macbeth in this film version is a much more wimpy person because he breaks down when he does the murder and Is all over the place and when lady Macbeth slams the door he jumps which shows that he is scared and like the other films the way the audience see Macbeth from a strong tough person to a wimpy scared person. When the murder is taking place there is no background music or sound because once again the director is trying to build up the tension in the audience. ...read more.


The Jeremy Freeston version was the first one that we saw. The murder scene is set in small rooms and in the dark at all times. There is also a lot of silence in the scene, which once again builds up the tension. The murder in the film is not shown because Jeremy Freeston could have wanted imagine the murder in their heads, so that they can put them selves into the shoes of Macbeth. The camera shots are mainly close ups on Macbeth and lady Macbeth. When lady Macbeth goes to finish off what Macbeth didn't Duncan wakes and then lady Macbeth stabs him several times and ends up with blood on her face. The audience see a different side to her because she is excited about what the both have done. If I was to chose witch version I liked best and which best laid out the story of the film I would chose the Jeremy Freeston version because I learnt a lot from the film and I don't think the Macbeth on the estate version did not put out the story clearly because if I was to have seen that first then I would be confused about the story because there is more scenes of Macbeth by himself in silence. Gurdeep Singh Shoker 11A3/11M4 Macbeth essay ...read more.

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