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Write about the importance of Lady Macbeth in the play Macbeth

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Write about the importance of Lady Macbeth in the play Macbeth This timeless Shakespearean play Macbeth was written for an Elizabethan audience, which when acted an Elizabethan audience would have been shocked. Shakespeare would have shocked this audience because conveyed throughout the play Lady Macbeth is the stronger character. It was not typical for an Elizabethan woman to be more dominant than the male figure, therefore the aspect of shock. Although Lady Macbeth at first has a strong and passionate character we later see her unable to live with her own guilt. Lady Macbeth is an ambition women, this is shown in her earliest appearance of the play. Although Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are close and truly complimentary pair "my dearest partner of greatness" I feel she manipulates Macbeth. Through her aspirations, as much for Macbeth as for herself she manipulates him and as a result becomes the driving force behind him. Lady Macbeth's desire is so strong that she calls to the "spirits" to "unsex" her meaning that she is asking to be dehumanised, to take away all that makes her a woman. She then goes on to ask the spirits to "make my blood thick" to stop any womanly feelings reaching her heart, therefore not feeling any remorse. ...read more.


my face, Have plucked my nipple from its boneless gums, And dashed its brains out, had I so sworn you Have done to this. This terrifying and unnatural speech suggests that Lady Macbeth would rather brutally murder her child than go against her word. Lady Macbeth challenges Macbeth when saying that she would rather brutally murder her own child than go against a promised word. She tries to make Macbeth feel guilty for even thinking about backing out of the murder. This speech made by Lady Macbeth shows that she has no moral standard by which to live by, making her amoral. Whilst in the courtyard Lady Macbeths character progresses even further. Lady Macbeth shows the first signs of a conscience. She becomes anxious about the murder of Duncan. She covers this up by having a drink, to calm her nerves. Lady Macbeth encountered a human element, unlike in inhuman spirits she was filled with. She encountered this when preparing for the murder of Duncan. "Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done't" The evidence suggests that Lady Macbeth becomes tense when she hears "the crickets cry" The chirping of insects was thought to herold death, therefore making Lady Macbeth nervous and her speech disjointed. ...read more.


She suffers mentally by not getting sleep - Sleep walking. Lady Macbeth literally tries washing the blood from her hands "out, damned spot out, I say! One; two; why, then 'tis time to do't." Lady Macbeth when sleep walking says "Hell is murky" this is because she feels she is living in hell through her sinful deed. She also says "all the perfume in Arabia will not sweeten this little hand." This "little" symbolises a child as if she needs protecting and looking after, which is because she is weak. The doctor is troubled and sympathetic "The heart is sorely changed" grievously burned. The doctor believes there is nothing for him to do. Lady Macbeth's cure becomes death, her mental illness can't be fixed, just looked after but the doctors warning could not prevent Lady Macbeths suicide. Throughout the play Lady Macbeth holds and imported role. If it wasn't for Lady Macbeth I think the death of Duncan and finally Macbeth wouldn't have taken place because if Lady Macbeth hadn't been so determined and strong at the beginning of the play, the death of King Duncan might not have happened. Lady Macbeths character is strong and determined it shows this when she hives Macbeth commands and is quick witted but as the play went on the sinful deed eventually ended in the death of Lady Macbeth, this shows the weakness and it got so bad that Lady Macbeth died. ...read more.

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