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Write about the presentation of childhood in the first three chapters of Oliver Twist. Comment on the methods used by Dickens

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Oliver Twist Essay Write about the presentation of childhood in the first three chapters of Oliver Twist. Comment on the methods used by Dickens to affect the readers understanding of the treatment of children at the time Oliver Twist is a novel was written in 1800?s by Charles Dickens. It is about a boy named Oliver Twist. He was born into a life of poverty and misfortune in a workhouse. Olive?s mum died when he was born, His father wasn?t around when he was born. When Oliver was born the nurse said that Oliver was going to have a bad life. This is implied by ?It was ushered in to this world of sorrow and trouble.? This shows that after Oliver is born, his life will be a misery. Another quote which demonstrates the poor conditions is ?A pauper old women who was rendered rather misty by an unwonted allowance of beer? .This shows that the old woman who was Oliver?s midwife was drinking while helping her give birth to Oliver. The word ?rendered? means that the midwife wasn?t helping and she was a pain in the neck. Dickens is using the technique exaggeration because to show that the nurse wasn?t that helpful. ...read more.


This shows that on Oliver?s ninth birthday he was locked in the cupboard and was starved to death. The word ?atrociously? shows us that Mrs Mann was a Cruel and Wicked women. Dickens is using the technique sarcasm because to show that people were treated badly and they wanted children to die. This makes the reader think that children at that time where treated really badly and makes the reader feel sorry for them for what they are going through. Oliver was looked after by Mrs. Mann who wasn?t a good person because she didn?t look after the children properly, she didn?t feed them well. This is implied by ?it?s very likely it will be troublesome. Give it a little gruel if it is .This quote shows us that Mrs. Mann didn?t care much about the children, she was spiteful and she couldn?t be bothered to look after the children properly, also she didn?t care if the child dies and also she?s a hypocrite. The words ?troublesome and gruel ? means if the child starts crying and gruel is a cheap porridge , this shows that if the child is crying just give them some gruel to make it shut up and the child won?t bother them again . ...read more.


He using the technique sarcasm because to show people how badly they were treated and they weren?t allowed to relax or have fun. A modern reader would think that children in that time didn?t have fun and confront, they were made to do things that they didn?t want to do and children shouldn?t be treated like a slave they should be looked after and cared for. The lives for the poor in Victorian times were terrible and very bad. This makes a modern reader feel incredibly sorry for them the way they were treated. Dickens uses techniques such as sarcasm which makes the reader think that the way that they are treated was really bad and makes you feel bad to, also his trying to get our attention. He does this to show us that poor people didn?t get respected much; they were treated like they are rubbish, but they shouldn?t be treated like that just because they are poor and they don?t have a family. I think Dickens created the picture of Oliver?s early years well because he showed how he was treated badly and the fact that he didn?t have a family and he was poor that made him have a miserable life. ...read more.

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