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Write about the ways in which views of love are conveyed in ‘How do I love thee?’ by Elizabeth Barret Browning and ‘The unequal fetters’ by Anne Finch.

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Write about the ways in which views of love are conveyed in 'How do I love thee?' by Elizabeth Barret Browning and 'The unequal fetters ,' by Anne Finch. Both the poems I have been asked to read to about love and both poems are written by women. The speaker in the poem is constant always staying the same. The poems were written a long time ago so women's views about men are much different and there is a more of an equal chain. The women although both writing about love have completely different of love itself and men. We can see this straight away from the titles. The title 'How I love thee' shows that the writer loves her partner and is telling how and in what ways she loves her partner. ...read more.


She feels marriage is not worth it unless you don't lose your youth. Or make youth for ever last, 'To love would then be worth our cost.' 'Fetters' is a really strong word that highlights how she feels as if marriage is like being locked up. She says women are meant to be free, 'Free as Natures first intention, was to make us.' The whole of the verse is summed up in the first word of the verse, 'free.' This word shows how she feels and her views about women. 'The loss of attractiveness' this shows how marriage is ruined in time and as a married couple get older they drift apart. She shows marriage like it's a punishment or as if you are sold into slavery. ...read more.


This really stresses how she feels about love. She feels her love will go on forever. 'and, if god choose , I shall but love thee better after death.' Elizabeth Barret Browning's poem is a romantic theme whilst Anne Kingsmill Finch is showing the opposite feelings about love and marriage. 'How do I love thee' is a very personal poem whilst 'The unequal fetters is a general declaration. The poems are both written at about the same time sotime is not a concept. Elizabeth Barret Browning feels her love will last forever and she is completely devoted to her partner. Anne Kingsmill Finch feels love and marriage is an unfair affair for women. She feels women do not have much of a choice and are very restricted. They both write will equal amounts of passion and have very strong but very different views. ...read more.

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