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Write about three or four poems from the 'Heart and Partners Section' to show the poets have presented men's and women's attitudes.

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Men and women often think and behave differently in relation to love. Write about three or four poems from the 'Heart and Partners Section' to show the poets have presented men's and women's attitudes. You should think about: * The attitude of men/women in the poems * The way the poet shows these attitudes * Your responses to the poems Men and women often think and behave very differently in relation to love. The poems in the Hearts and Partners' section explore a number of different attitudes and show how the poets feel quite differently about relationships. 'To His Coy Mistress' written by Andrew M arvell in the 17th century concerns the poet's attempts to persuade his shy mistress to sleep with him. As a politician and diplomat Marvell cleverly weaves his argument in favour of intense, passionate relationships and his condemnation of long, time consuming courtship. Although the poem was written three hundred years ago it still reflects ideas held by many today that men's thoughts often turn to lust whereas a woman is more concerned with love and commitment. The poem may be divided into three sections; each section attempting to persuade the mistress that she should relent and give Marvell what he desires. ...read more.


Unlike Marvell Clarke is not attempting to get his partner into bed but rather convince her of his loyalty to the relationship. The tone of the poem is far more lighthearted and chatty. The lack of punctuation marks makes it appear as a continual flow of ideas that the listener would find difficult to interrupt. Clarke associates himself with a number of household objects and their mundane uses as he offers to fulfil similar functions for his partner. Like a raincoat he will protect her and like an electric meter he will not run out. Clarke appears to believe that he should protect and look after his lover and unlike Marvell he spends time in flattering her. The metaphors that he chooses reflect his promise to be faithful and invaluable. All the objects chosen are conveniences of the modern world that make our lives more comfortable. The repetition of the plea, 'let me be' and 'I wanna be yours' shows his desperate attempts to convince her of his commitment to the relationship and he humbles himself as he hand over control of the relationship, 'you call the shots'. We are given the impression that he is responding to something that has happened to damage the relationship and that he is sorry for his actions. ...read more.


Jennings recognises that there is no physical bond as if 'their whole lives were a journey' to the 'deserts of vast eternity' that Marvell so fears. Chastity faces them and time has killed all passion. The last stanza shows that although the couple are physically separated they are united in marriage but like a thin thread it is a tenuous link. The poem grows more personal when Jennings reveals that it is her father and mother's relationship that she contemplates and she asks, 'Do they know they are old?' The 'fire' from whence she came has now 'grown cold' and the passion that Marvell is so in favour of has indeed been lost in time. The three poems show different views of love and relationships. Marvell clearly believes in strong physical contact and warns his mistress of the dangers of wasting time. Cooper Clarke shows complete and utter devotion to his partner; the emphasis being more on love than lust and Jennings reflects on her parents' relationship and the lack of passion that seems so dreadful to her. One could say that each poem traces the stages of a relationship. Marvell's text reflects the initial stages of a love affair when desire is clearly apparent, Cooper Clarke concerns himself with a relationship that is already established but experiencing difficulties that threaten its existence and Jennings mourns the loss of passion through old age. ...read more.

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