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Write about two characters whose acting impressed you in 'Of Mice and Men'.

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Write about two characters whose acting impressed you in 'Of Mice and Men' Anam Khan On Wednesday, March the 3rd; Roedean Schools LV English class took a trip to Eastbourne, Devonshire park Theatre, to watch a fantastic performance of 'Mice and Men'. There was a large cast but it was clear to see that George and Lennie were the most impressive and prominent on stage. Thus I have chosen to study them, as I was most impressed by their mannerisms and appearance on stage. I have learnt that John Steinbeck, the author of this novel, is a very skilful creator of characters. It seems to me that his technique is to give a brief preliminary description of the character, and then to let the character convey his own personality to the reader by means of what he does, and more significantly by his speech and mannerisms. After reading the play I had my own idea of what George and Lennie were like, and the performance I saw seemed to have the same ideas, which is what particularly appealed to me. ...read more.


with defined, sharp features, which gave him a confident but slightly aggressive look. His delivery also left a lot to be desired. I felt that his vocal range was too 'shouty', thus leaving little scope for expression of true anger / frustration when needed. As well as being un-dynamic, the overall effect was rather tedious for the audience. In contrast, Matthew Kelly varied his lines well, according to the demands of the script. I found the appearance of the set very effective and beautiful. I loved the way they had the little pond in the first scene, and the way sets slid on and off. The set changed quite often, but I noticed that George and Lennie always remained constant in appearance, which I thought enhanced the effect of limited options for the two men. As mentioned above, I found Lennie's mannerisms very effective. His constant twitching, which sped up whenever he got nervous or scared, was a convincing touch. His twisted facial expressions showed that he was a mentally ill man, and his shuffling gait made it clear that he felt out of place in his surroundings. ...read more.


Lennie needs George, and would be lost without him, but it is equally true to say that George needs Lennie. George too craves companionship that will stave off the horrors of loneliness. I felt as though this need was evident in their body language and the way in which they dealt with each other. The words, "...because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you', enforced this even further. Overall the whole cast was good, but I felt as though George and Lennie were better than average. I think their relationship was very important, because it actually gave both actors some one to rely on, and a constant companion. Lennie acted his part very well, though he was a bit on the creepy side- and seemed unreal at times. George however, maintained his character all through the play. He got even more involved it at the end, when he had to kill Lennie, in order to save him. This dramatic climax was effective and reached the audience in a meaningful way. ...read more.

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