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Write about Yosser (the main character) from series 4 ('Yosser's Story') of Alan Bleasdale's 'Boy's from the black stuff'.

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During 1982 Liverpool was going through a rough patch of unemployment. It affected a lot of people. There was loss of deep feelings, dignity and self respect. A series was made by Alan Bleasdale called 'Boys from the Black Stuff'. It is showing the audience how unemployment changed lives and how it affected everyone. I watched Series 4; 'Yosser's Story'. I will write about Yosser (the main character) and how his Stereotype figure, which is: * Tough guy * Aggressive * Threatening * Grumpy I will explain how this changes to a real character and how the author uses techniques e.g. Dramatic monologues, juxtaposition and the dream sequence which makes us feel deeply for Yosser and his three children. In the play Yosser starts off being a very stereotypical person. He comes across as lazy and arrogant. He has a job (even though he is on the dole) at the building site, and he has the job of building a brick wall. Though he 'claims' he has done it before he puts the wall together using dry sand and bricks out of place and nothing is inline. ...read more.


So he does this by showing us into his dreams. Yosser's dream shows him and his children walking through the park and then going slowly wading into the lake. His children start disappearing one by one and Yosser is yelling for them. This is suggesting he has a secluded weakness, to him the most significant thing in his life are his children and I don't think he could bear the thought of losing the closest thing to him. He fears for them, and he feels he needs to protect them as he couldn't live without them. In a pleading attempt to grab someone's attention he yes to his friends, "Come on boys, it's me Yosser! I'm losing my kids!" They choose to ignore him as they pass on their boat, just staring bluntly with cold eyes. This shows how he is helpless and very alone. Then Yosser wakes up from this dream. He has beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. He looks very insecure and worried that something might have happened. He turns cautiously to look for his kids and finds them sleeping motionless and the other side of the room. ...read more.


It is a very good way to make the audience judge Yosser against the footballer. It manipulates Yosser and makes him look like a wimp. When Maureen has her soliloquy we felt anger towards her because she is making up a lot about Yosser saying that he used to hit his kids but we know that it is a lie because he loves his kids so much. We know that Yosser is a good person and she just doesn't understand him. In the end Yosser's children are taken from him, he is brutally beaten up and believes his life needs to end. He believes he is a failure at life. We feel very sympathetic for him. He then walks into the park and sadly tries to drown himself, he even fails at this, he is so torn apart by this; the fact that he didn't even manage do commit suicide. I think this play is very dramatic. The author puts his point across using clever techniques and soliloquies to show us into deep emotions. I enjoyed it because it has an interesting plot and good use of language. It made me think about the situation Yosser was in, and how I would have acted and felt in his life. ...read more.

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