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Write an account of the trial of a nursery

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Write an account of the trial of a nursery rhyme character: The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea In a beautiful pea-green boat; They took some honey, and plenty of money Wrapped up in a five-pound note. The court was packed, the defendant a middle aged owl by the name of Mr.T.Whoo was sitting nervously beside his defence, Mr.Smith. I was sitting next to the Clerk of the Court, James and it was Mark who was the Usher this morning. There was a low murmur of babble around the courtroom; a little commotion was caused when Mr.Dumpty toppled of his chair in the audience. Piggy-wig was sitting very smugly at the prosecution box with Mr McTavish. Judge Joanna sat up from her daze and picked up her mallet. "Order! Order in the court! Will the prosecutor stand, please state your prosecution." "On the seventeenth of July 1999, at eleven-thirty pm, Tom Whoo Owl and Purnelope Pussycat went to sea in a pea-green boat. On the eighteenth of July 2000 they arrived to the land where the bong-tree grows where they met Mr Charles Piggy-wig. They had planned to get married and needed a ring, it just so happened that Piggy-wig had a sixteen carrot gold ring," Mr McTavish said. ...read more.


"Does the defence wish to ask any further questions?" said Joanna in her booming voice from the top box. "Thank-you m'lady." Mr Smith stood up. He was a thin gangly figure, his tattered tweed jacket sagged at his hips. His trousers were a couple of inches short of him and as he walked up the witness box they flapped from side to side. "Miss Muffet you say that Mr Whoo swept out carrying a small package wrapped in a five pound note?" Miss Muffet gave a quick nod. "Tell me Miss Muffet in what way was he carrying the package? How was he carrying it?" "He held it in his hands.., sorry no wings, no beak!" "Which was it Miss Muppet?" "Definitely his beak! He held the parcel in his beak!" Miss Muppet was looking much stressed out. Her golden locks were becoming wiry and out of control. She was constantly wiping her hands on her pinafore. "How big was this package Miss Muffet? "It was about as big as both my fists." Piggy-wig suddenly gave a quick, dark and angry look at Miss Muffet. "Look at Mr Tom Whoo if you please Miss Muffet. Can you see the size of Mr Whoo's beak? ...read more.


Mr McTavish gave Mr Tom Whoo a raised eyebrow, and shook his head at Tom. Mr Smith walked humbly over to his desk took a sip of water and walked back to Tom. "Where do you work Mr Tom Whoo?" "I work in a clock shop down Cherry tree Lane. I work five hours a day, every week day. I had not taken a day off work until that seventeenth." "Thank-you Mr Tom Whoo, I have no further questions, but can I call the previous witness to the stand please." Purnelope look like she was about to burst with emotion when she heard this. She was shaking so much that she almost slipped off the witness box. Mr Smith was looking very happy. "At what time did Mr Tom Whoo leave you at the clock shop?" said Mr Smith quite sternly. "About quarter past three." Mr Smith walked closer to Purnelope. "Did you have any shoppers that afternoon?" "No, we usually don't on a Sunday." Mr Smith was no standing a foot away form Purnelope. "Did you check if Mr Whoo had gone?" "Yes, I had a little peek!" Mr Smith was leaning right against the witness box. "Did you make sure the man in the leather coat could easily come through the back door?" "Of course..." Purnelope stopped rigid. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charlie Salt U5W ...read more.

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