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Write an alternative ending to the novel 'Of Mice and Men'.

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Write an alternative ending to the novel 'Of Mice and Men'. Candy asked, "What we gonna do now, George? What we gonna do now?" George's eyes fell to the floor as he began to think. "Quick, we gotta go find Lennie. I ain't got a clue what we're gonna do but if the guys get to 'im before we do then Curley'll get 'im killed. An' if he escapes, why, the poor bastard'll starve. I think I know where he might be. Quick Candy, follow me. One of the guys will notice I'm not there and check the barn and then find out. We don't need to tell 'em" George hurried back to the place he and Lennie had stayed the night before going to work at the ranch. Candy was not far behind. He struggled to keep pace with George but used every ounce of strength in him as he knew he had to if there was any chance of the dream becoming reality. The deep green pool of the Salinas River was still in the late afternoon. There was only a water snake in the area. A rush of wind sounded, but soon disappeared again. Suddenly Lennie appeared out of the brush. Quietly he came to the pool's edge. He dabbled his paw in the water, and took a long drink. ...read more.


Lennie turned himself the other way towards the mountains. "You ain't got enough time to get away so there's no point even thinking about it. It's all fate now." The footsteps were getting louder and louder until all of a sudden they stopped. Candy and George were too scared too turn around. They knew they had to but they feared for Lennie. "There you are you big son-of-a-bitch. First you bust my hand, then you kill my wife. Who the hell you think you are anyway?" Curley's tone had got louder with every word. Quiet footsteps could be heard nearby. Curley was too worked up to hear them, but George and Candy looked at each other. Lennie still did not turn around. "I di'nt mean to" he said, sounding like he was all about to burst into tears. Now he no longer knew what he was doing, the confusion had set in. His idea of going into the mountains was history. He didn't know where to go, what to do or what to say. "Well, that's just too bad but you ain't gonna be pulling of no more of these stunts again. So what's it to be big guy, back of the head or front of the head?" Lennie was confused, and he now began to panic. He wasn't sure what to do and so he did nothing at all. ...read more.


"You had to do it George, you had to." Said Slim reassuringly. "Let's go back to the ranch now and tell what really happened. The three walked off back to the ranch as quickly as they could. They were all in shock. About half an hour later, they entered the bunkhouse. They saw the boss, anxious to know what was going on. "Well" he said. Slim took control of the situation. "We just come back and I'm afraid we ain't got good news. As we were searching, we heard a gunshot. Lennie had shot Curley. I shot Lennie before he got away. We're so sad about what happened to your son." The boss was now in shock too. "Thanks for tellin' me," he said. "I'm gonna go an' sleep an' try forget this ever happened." George, Slim and Candy continued to work at the ranch. George and Slim went and blew their fifty bucks at the cathouse each month. Candy wished he had persuaded George not to do it. Slim had to live with the fact he had shot Curley and then lied about it. George had to live with the fact he had shot his best friend. He never met a pretty girl and he also never had a swell time, like he said he was going to do if he lived by himself. He needed Lennie more than he had thought, and had to look himself in the mirror everyday and live with the guilt. Jamie Pender 5-3 Mr. Kilpatrick ...read more.

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