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Write an analysis of the opening chapter of Lord of the Flies. How effective is it at introducing characters, themes and language of the novel?

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´╗┐Write an analysis of the opening chapter of Lord of the Flies. How effective is it at introducing characters, themes and language of the novel? The opening chapter of ?Lord of the Flies? is important and effective because straightaway it tells us the major theme of the book and shows us who the main characters are. The theme of the book is to show people what man is really like and that every single person is born with some sort of evil inside them. To show us this theme, Golding uses a variety of ideas, for example: civilization vs. savagery, humanity vs. animality, adults vs. children etc. Hinting what the book will be about also entices the reader to read further into the book and gives a better understanding of the story. In the first chapter, Golding introduces the main characters, who are Ralph, Piggy, Jack and Simon. Ralph is the athletic and charismatic character in Lord of the Flies, being elected leader by the rest of the boys, Ralph represents order, civilization and leadership. ...read more.


For example, there is a dark forest covering the majority of the island, the island with the coarse grass and decaying coconuts and when Ralph goes for a swim, the water is described as being warmer than their blood. Also, when Ralph blows the conch, he is described as getting a ?violent pleasure? from doing so. Another thing is the description of the destruction the plane has left ?the long scar smashed into the jungle?, this foreshadows that the boys will damage the forest further and this shows the reader what potential mankind has to destroy. Then, when Ralph, Simon and Jack climb the mountain and push the large rock into the forest, one of the boys describe the falling of the rock as like ?like a bomb?, which could suggest that the boys came from a war-torn society. All of these things indicate to us that there will be problems on the island for the boys and the island isn?t the perfect place, especially now there are men living there. ...read more.


This also links in with the main theme of the book, which is to show that all mankind has evil inside them, which is what the kids are fighting against when on the island. Golding also uses actions and language in the text to show us that there will be future problems the kids will face whilst on the island to show that man will destroy anything they get given to them, even if it is perfect, man will still ruin. This also ties in with the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were living in Paradise, but then got kicked out as they went against God?s will. After reading the first chapter, you have a vague idea of what the characters? personalities are like and how they react to being stranded on the island without any adults/rules. Having all of these unanswered questions is the main thing that wants you to read on and now we know what Golding is trying to show us, we would want to know what the boys will do to show us that they have evil inside them. ...read more.

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