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Write An Analysis Of The Opening Sequence Of Baz Luhrman's Adaptation Of Romeo And Juliet.

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Write An Analysis Of The Opening Sequence Of Baz Luhrman's Adaptation Of Romeo And Juliet. In Baz's Luhrmans production of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet the opening sequence is very important as it introduces the adaptation. This immediately makes the film stand out from other productions as it is modern, but still uses the original Shakespearean language. The first image of the section is a television against an empty black background. The television switches on and displays the plays credits and then a newsreader appears and delivers the play's prologue in an accurate clear voice as expected from a newsreader. The television immediately brings the play into the twentieth century and makes it clear that this is a modern adaptation. The television is zoomed up on and eventually it fills the shot. The prologue, which is very important during this section, is still being spoken by the newsreader as we "enter" the television. Extremely dramatic classical music begins and is accompanied by short camera shots of the city. There is a lot of fast zooming and flicking from image to image. There are also shots which show the headlines on newspapers which capture part of the prologue and also images of magazine covers which highlight the publicity around the families' dispute. ...read more.


The shots move faster and faster, especially before the change with snap shots from throughout the film. The words on the screen flash very fast through the prologue and are randomly mixed in with the images of the film as the music builds to a climax. Without warning the picture changes with a wipe signalling a complete change of scene. . The plot of the play begins in the proceeding section. New music is introduced. It is being played from a car driven by Montague boys. The music is modern and loud. The following scene is important because it introduces the two rival groups; the Montagues and the Capulets. Visually a series of contrasts are drawn between the two groups. The Montague boys arrive in a bright yellow convertible, dressed in lively clothes with loud rock music playing from their car stereo. They appear wacky and fun; not at all threatening. However, the Capulets arrive in a blue car with tinted window. They are stern faced and dressed in black mature clothes. They have lots of religious symbols; crosses around their necks and shaved into their hair. The contrast between their appearances is clear and also the music sets up a successive contrast as it once again changes. ...read more.


Once the fight starts, another contrast is drawn between the two sides; The Montagues fail to hit a Capulet and shoot madly and without though. The Capulets fight gracefully and look experienced. The shots used here show the action close up and music once again adds to the affect of the scene. As the Montagues drive away a point of view shot through the site of a gun. This image hints strongly at war and everyone links the picture with violence. Baz Luhrman cleverly uses fire to end this scene. As it is set at a petrol station when Tybalt drops his cigarette, the petrol that is spilt on the floor ignites. First the fire is pictured in slow motion. This helps exaggerate the danger that it creates, then it is speeded up and the fire seems uncontrollable. Shots of small areas being engulfed in flames are shown and soon the whole screen in covered in amber, angry flames. This introductory sequence is a very important in the film. It sums up the film. At the end of the film the audience will realise the images of Romeo's, and Juliet's parents are flashbacks of them after the death of their children. The middle section, when the images flash and change very fast is very dramatic and is used to bring together all the themes of the film; modern, old fashioned, romance, war, violence, dispute, friendship and family. Emily Froud 10J ...read more.

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