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Write an article for one of the more serious national newspapers, to inform the readers about the problems faced by modern teenagers.

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Write an article for one of the more serious national newspapers, to inform the readers about the problems faced by modern teenagers. It has never been easy to be a teenager, and it is particularly difficult today. The world expects us to be grown up but rarely treats us like adults; we are part of a society in which drugs are readily available but extremely dangerous; our education consists of examinations and more examinations; and, on top of that, we have the perennial problems of adolescence, as we cope with so many changes and try to come to terms with our new selves. Is it any wonder we struggle at times? One of the biggest problems is that parents and teachers demand mature and intelligent behaviour from us, yet usually think of us as still being children. We help clean the house, do a range of chores and care for sickly grandparents, but cannot watch adult movies on television. We are expected to show an interest in current affairs and get a part-time job to begin to support ourselves, but are not even allowed a say in where we go for the family holiday - never mind being allowed to holiday with our friends! ...read more.


Having too much exam pressure demotivates you in a way that you feel like you have a big workload, and that you have to learn it all in a minimum amount of time - this results in you simply giving up. We have so many examinations, it is difficult to keep track: SATs, GCSEs, A/S levels... and the practice tests that accompany them. Homework is never-ending. No teacher seems aware of how much work the others are setting, and, anyway, would not care, because they are all under orders to improve results or their own careers will suffer. Teachers quite freely expect students with a high potential to be able to easily obtain top end grades, however when it comes to allowing them to actually attempt to fulfil their potential, then they are nowhere to be seen. Can you expect a teacher to put such pressure on someone and not be there to help them achieve it? This isn't teaching, this is telling; telling them what they need to do; telling them that they can succeed; telling them that they can achieve it but not helping them and leaving them isolated and alone. ...read more.


Those who think that our school pupils don't suffer enough should certainly make an appointment with their optician! Statistic has proved that if the UK Government get rid of exams, more than seventy-nine percent of the students who have overall underachieved in their GCSE exam will easily get seven or more A*s to Cs based on coursework alone. Following on from my previous point, many students have younger siblings who can at times be rowdy and therefore make studying for exams difficult, greatly reducing their chance of success. I once met a student who was predicted and was perfectly capable of achieving 11 A*s at GCSE. Regrettably, she only received 2 A*s, 2 As, 4 Bs and 3 Cs. This was a disastrous result for her, but following analysis, a quick realisation was made. This girl was in an unfortunate position; she had many family and relationship problems, she also had had a two- year-old brother and a five- year-old sister in the house. It was impossible for her to concentrate, after all, as hard as you try; you cannot keep two and five year-olds close to silent. To conclude, I believe that too much pressure is being put on the teenage lifestyle and this is mainly because................. ...read more.

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