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Write an article persuading teenagers not to smoke.

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Stub that cigarette or loose your life How do you fancy eating all your meals through a tube in your throat? Doesn't sound too good, however this problem is being faced by many young smokers these days as a rise in teenage smoking threatens to destroy the health of the under-20s. Would you like to damage your heart beyond all repair? Would you like to damage your lungs, filling them with a tar-like substance? Would you like to smell disgusting? All you need to do is smoke, it's that simple. "Here, try this; one can't hurt.." The uneducated think that one-a-day can't kill you, but they're wrong. As soon as the first lighted cigarette touches your lips, your body plays host to a cocktail of noxious, toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on your bodies internal organs. ...read more.


(Professor Luken, Oxford University) It also includes thousands of other chemicals - including a very concentrated form of Cyanide. However a very visible component is Tar - a very thick, black substance that builds up in the lungs of smokers and prohibits breathing. Kenny Joburg - 17, smoker for 6 years - was diagnosed with Beurger's disease earlier in the year, and when his lungs were examined it was discovered he had a tar build-up enough to fill 4 beer pint cans. Other primary risks are also apparent, including the fact that regular smokers are estimated to live 2.5 to 10 years less than nonsmokers, and about one-half of male smokers will die of illness due to smoking. The major risks from smoking come from heart attacks, diseases of the respiratory tract and cancer (particularly cancer of the throat, mouth and lungs). ...read more.


That's pretty bad. It won't happen to me, though. Dr. Pauline of QMC Nottingham is a otolaryngologist - an expert in the study of the diseases that effect the throat. She says that 79% of all her throat-related disease patients are diagnosed with their ailment because of starting smoking in their teenage years. She continues to say that 89% of serious cases of throat-cancer end up with the patient's voice being permanently altered - or in most cases having to speak through a mechanical aid. What's to loose? Stop smoking, right now. By smoking you not only gain more money, increase your overall well being, loose weight and reduce acne but you also reduce your chance of dying young and of a disgusting disease. You will also will no longer run out of breath so quickly. That's only one thing to do: DON'T SMOKE. For more information on stopping smoking, or how to stop yourself from starting, call the NHS direct on 48798 for help. ...read more.

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