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Write an original story on a subject of your choice .It can be real or imagined.

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Gareth Beck 10Bu/o 14th Dec 2000 Original writing Task :- Write an original story on a subject of your choice .It can be real or imagined. Target :- Consciously shape and craft language and structure to achieve sophisticated effects. :- Spelling, Punctuation and grammar must be faultless. A NEW WORLD!! It was summer and nearly the end of school it was 5SG turn for a school, trip today, and since St Martins lived at the centre of the Country. The school had decided to take 5SG to the seaside. All the class were excited as this would have been their first time at a seaside resort but Timothy Longthorpe had just moved in a few months ago and had moved from a seaside resort so he was trying to dampen everyone's sprits by saying how pathetic it was. Tim (as he preferred to be called) was quite tall for his age had blue eyes and fuzzy brown hair he also wore glasses and they didn't suit him one bit. He was very intelligent for his age and had all the latest technology at home he even had his own website that got about 50 hits a day. This website was all about intelligent people and also how clever he was and if there was anyone else like him to email him but he didn't get people saying how nice it was for him he got hate mail. Anyway lets not got side tracked, Tim sat at the front of the bus sat next to no one and just read his favourite book "Lords of the Unknown" he liked things to do with the unexplained. He could now smell the seaside air he wished he could ask the bus driver to turn back but there was no hope, he hated the sea after one incident when he was in his rubber dingy when the sea pulled him out even further so a lifeguard had to get his boat and come and get him, his parents gave him a real telling off and wasn't allowed on his computer for a week. ...read more.


The book was copied and the government kept one and they through one into the other world knowing that a Human would never translate it but you obviously did so if someone else steals that book from you they will be cursed with bad luck for life, on the other hand you are the only one who can cast the spells from it." "What if I want to get rid of it?" asked Tim "Well you have to lock it with the same thing you opened it with and that is it! Hey I think I know what you will like to see, our Dragon he is 10 months old now and is really good to play with just watch out for his flames." The woman then said "But the government will soon detect his arrival they know everything that goes in and out of the city and will know that he is here and will not let him out unless he has a passport or until he has been fined or tortured." Tim was starting to get worried, "He won't be able to go back home until otherwise." Suddenly bangs at the door came and flashes of light came from outside, at once Tim knew they had lasers and that they were after him, "Human get on our Dragon He is the only way out of here as you can only run and as long as you have the book you will be fine." Tim had never flown a Dragon before and it was like being in a Helicopter but with out the propellers there was a harness around the Dragons head and the Dragon also had a collar Tim looked at it and it said that its name was Herbert! strange name for a Dragon but the Dragon also had a little sort of camera on the top of its head, Tim decided to ignore that. ...read more.


He got up and was relieved to see his house once again, he looked at his watch it was the same time it was when he left the house very strange! He went inside he remembered that his mum and dad would be home in about twenty minutes so he got the book out of his pocket. Went up stairs and into his bedroom he thought about locking the book back up and then thought again he put the book into his draw and placed it on top of his other books that he had read, he saved what the translator had translated. He put his dads screwdriver back into his dads tool box and went back up stairs to see what had been translated. Tim was flicking through the translated part, when he found the part "If this gets into any human hand I would be very careful if entering the world." Tim understood what this meant as he had nearly been killed from ageing gas and everyone was looking for him but Tim didn't mind he had a great time and no one would ever visit there again as he had the book. Tim heard the door slam and knew it was his parents. "Hello son" cried Tim's dad. "Hello dear how was your trip?" cried Tim's mum. Tim ran down the stairs and replied, "Well it was different and I met a lot of new people and I would go again." "Dear we lived at the seaside for 10 years and you hated every minute of it and you never had any friends and you never even talked to anyone." replied Tim's mum. "Well I have changed and can we go there again please," said Tim and he whispered to himself "maybe next time I could take some acorns and a fish." Suddenly a shout came from the kitchen it was dad, "what has happened to my beloved fish one is missing, TIM what have you done!!!!!!" The End ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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