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write in playscript form a scene

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Write (in play script form) the scene in the pub as Mrs Kay, Susan and Colin talk over the day Inside the pub Mrs Kay, Colin and Susan enter the pub, they take a seat and start to order their drinks. Bar tender: what would you like to have? Mrs Kay: I'd like Vodka please. Susan: I'll have a Gin and Tonic. Colin: And I'll have a beer. The bar tender goes back and gets the drinks for them. Colin: (speaking to the bar tender) Cheers mate. Susan: Thank you Mrs Kay: Thank you, love The bar tender goes to get more orders for other people. Mrs Kay: Gosh I'm tired! I've had such an incredible day though. Susan: Today has been lovely and tiring. Colin: (drinking his beer) I had a great time, it felt like I was reliving my childhood when I was in the funfair. ...read more.


Can you write a letter to do the owners of the caf´┐Ż saying how sorry we are? Colin: Yeh sure, while am at it shall I write one to the zoo keepers as well? Mrs Kay: Oh that would be lovely! Thank you ever so much. What the kids did at the zoo was truly wrong and I was quite disappointed at them, I mean stealing sweet is different but trying to steal the zoo animals, that just dissatisfying. Susan: I think they've learnt their lesson because Briggs was quite harsh on them in the coach and I don't think they'll do anything like that again. Mrs Kay: Did I tell you about the argument that me and Briggs had in Conwy Castle? Colin: No, what did he say? Mrs Kay: He was just saying that I be too easy on the kids and that if I really cared for them I would be much stricter with them. ...read more.


Colin: That's very nice of him, I can't wait to see the photos tomorrow in school, maybe we can hang some up in the staffroom and show it to the other teachers. Susan: But do you actually think that he will process the pictures because I have a feeling that he won't and also that he will turn back to his old grumpy self again because he doesn't want to ruin his reputation in school, he likes the fact that everyone is obedient to him. Mrs Kay: No I think that he will be nice to all the kids in school tomorrow and that he will be nicer to all of us. Colin: Well there's only one way to find, by going to school tomorrow, so let's finish our drinks, go home and get some sleep so that we can be ready for tomorrow. Colin pays for the drink and then they all get off their seats, leave the pub and head home. ...read more.

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