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Write to a magazine called "The Explorer" arguing for or against expeditions to dangerous places.

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Write to a magazine called The explorer arguing for or against expeditions to dangerous places. 27 marks. 5 Person Road etc. To Whom It May Concern: I am writing about my concern towards expeditions to dangerous places. We all know what the famous magazine; 'The Explorer' conveys towards dangerous places. However, there are many reasons that you, behind the magazine should mention about visiting dangerous places in your next issue. Firstly, going to dangerous places, is very self-explanatory; risking your lives by going to these places. Many so called 'Adventures' face a extensive risk of going to dangerous places: for example, going to Switzerland's snow resorts or Austria's cliff-top Mountains, which you support-by the way. ...read more.


Well, he said" I am missing out my English exam, to go to the ultimate championship snowboarding event!" This is an absolute joke! Young children are missing their exam, to go on journeys that can risk their lives? Disgraceful. I feel that your magazine, 'The Explorer' has a big part of young people are thinking in what is 'fun'; there are other ways of having 'fun'. Of course, they would think that dangerous places are 'cool' to go to because your magazine that these particular places are 'exciting' and 'fabulous'. Thirdly, families are being affected by their children going to dangerous places because they are constantly wanting to know how their son or daughter is doing, especially when going to these risky places; asking "are they facing any grave danger?". ...read more.


Finally, I understand that there is a health benefit, when going to these places, due to it requiring physical and strenuous exercise to have 'fun'. Also, there are a great number of obese people, mainly teenagers that play video games all the time; this could help them-get off their back side! However, there are other ways in doing so, other than going to risky, dangerous and potentially harmful places: You should advise children to get to the park as mentioned in my other points, or go to the gym; these are fun and healthy exercise, without increasing the risk of danger. In conclusion, dangerous places should be explicitly not advised to all age groups, especially younger readers of 'The Explorer'. I, really hope that you can take these points mentioned in this letter and convey them to your readers, in your next issue. Yours faithfully, B. Man ...read more.

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