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Write up the ideas from your discussion about the attitudes to love shown by these writers - Promises Like Pie-crusts by Christina Rossetti

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The Poets say... Write up the ideas from your discussion about the attitudes to love shown by these writers * Promises Like Pie-crusts by Christina Rossetti I think that some of the main themes of the poem are about how risky love can be, and it is better to be friends that to be lovers. For this person love is a risk which they dare not take, there are so many underlying unchangeable factors which count towards the final product; whether that be a broken relationship or against all odds a strong and healthy relationship. For them it is much safer to be friends rather than lovers "Let us be the friends we were, Nothing more, nothing less: Many thrive on frugal fare Who would perish on excess" Many people can flourish in a friendship that wouldn't survive the harsh realities of a relationship. A friendship can be loving, nurturing and much easier to live with. People can stay friends for life, but a relationship often ends in hurt and the damage done to the relationship and both parties can be irreversible. ...read more.


I think the poet has had many broken promises, and is now very wary and aware of the reality of rashly made promises. For the poet to be friends means to be free, 'Keep we both out liberties', free to lust after, free to go, free to say, free to think, and after all that not feel guilty. Not to be held to false promises, for the poet even knows herself that it is easy to feel tempted to break impulsive promises "If I promised, I believe I should fret to break the chain." Freedom for Christina Rossetti is 'Never false and never true'. Freedom is just always there, neither working for or against you, unlike promises which can be true or false, for the poet it is too much of a risk to take and she sides with the constant: freedom. Freedom has no bonds like a needy love or a need of love with someone. Love can be a confining office room with a typewriter and a bin. ...read more.


I also think Kahlil Gibran is saying to love yourself as well, be an individual and use your self-love as a way of loving everyone or vice versa "Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music" Gibran says that love should not get too personal or it will fall apart, 'For the pillars of a temple stand apart', i.e. if people, like the pillars in a temple, become too close, the relationship, the temple, collapses. And like trees people cannot grow in the shadows of another tree and so people should give love and also stand back to give them growing space. Love, for him, should be a unity of hearts contained by a hand with a gentle grip and yet bound by love. These insights are only similar up to a point. Gibran feels that opening your heart without the strings attached is the way to love, but Rossetti feels that love hurts, and people who open themselves to love are easily wounded. ...read more.

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