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Write your own life in a day of article following the same format and style as the one you have studied - This can be a school day or weekend day, or both.

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GCSE Coursework Assignment A Life In A Day Of Kunal Dattani Write your own life in a day of article following the same format and style as the one you have studied. This can be a school day or weekend day, or both. . I wake up in fear and dismay with the alarm clock screeching at my ears. I could still remember myself going into bed. It feels like I been in bed for 5mins whereas it has been up 9 hours .It sounds as loud as a cat screeching its paws on a board. Although this sound wakes me up. I would sit up thinking to myself not another school day. I would usually look at the time. It was always past nine. Which meant I was late for school. My mum doesn't bother coming to wake me up when its time for school because she knows she will just aggravate me even more and cause me to stay in bed for even longer. Although she wouldn't want me too miss a day of school. My mum would shout up in the loudest pitched voice to get up from downstairs. ...read more.


After usually just sit in the nearest place to me because making a fuss to get a chair would get me in more trouble. I would already be enough trouble from getting late. During this time lesson all I would do is talk to my friends to catch up about what went on TV last night, or talk about something stupid someone did yesterday all lesson. The teacher would shout to get out pens and I would remember that that I never brought nay stationary. I always try borrowing from my friends. I couldn't bear think of what would happen, knowing my teachers! The school bell would go and it would be time for my day to get even more tedious. Lesson 3,4, would be as boring as lesson 2 to think about it. I don't mind fifth lesson as it last and it is Maths, which is my favourite subject. I also enjoy doing maths because it relates to my future career. I usually get all my work done on time in school, which keeps me going. Even though I get behind in lesson time because of talking all the time. ...read more.


I would finally come down after I have done all the things to entertain me. I would usually bring up my dinner to eat. As I don't like to eat with other people looking at you when you are eating and chewing their food. I just can't stand the look of that. Reminds me off this film I once seen. Zombies chewing on human flesh. Not that my family eat like monsters! When I am done with my dinner I usually fall into kind of sleep. Well I don't sleep I just sit and think. I usually think about the day and what I have done and about the future When thinking about the future I take into account things that I have to do to attain goals I set myself and firstly, a goal to aim for. As each day is pretty similar to me. I try to aim not to waste time in school lessons on the following day and get all my work done. But usually I don't stick to this. As the time goes thinking about all this. It usually reaches my bedtime. I like to go to sleep quite early to wake up early the other morning but this never seems to work. Slowly as I am thinking it would turn into deep sleep. And my exciting day would begin again! ...read more.

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