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Write your response to the poems Salcombe (1948) by Gareth Owen and Sonnet by Christina Rossetti, Illustrating the links and differences between the poems.

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GCSE ENGLISH POETRY COURSEWORK Write your response to the poems Salcombe (1948) by Gareth Owen and Sonnet by Christina Rossetti, Illustrating the links and differences between the poems. This term we have been studying poetry. Studying the two poems Salcombe (1948) and Sonnet. Gareth Owen wrote the poem Salcombe (1948) and Christina Rossetti wrote Sonnet. Salcombe (1948) is a very exciting poem, Very upbeat. The poem is about a man looking fondly back on one day full of love, where he meets a women that he later on marries her and how his life changed for the better after meeting her. The main theme of the poem is basically a man being Nostalgic on the very first day of meeting this women he ended up loving. The poem is set in a perfect scene for a family holiday on a sunny, Playful beach. The first thing that we see as we look at the poem is the Title The Poet shows how fondly the man was looking back immediately in the first line of the first stanza when he writes "Oh I remember" This immediately shows us how fondly the poet is looking back. The phrase "Oh I remember" is normally used to illustrate just how good something is. In the Second line there is a definite phrase, which shows that they were close when he writes, "washing to our feet" the word "our" shows that they were next to each other at this time. The Third line is special to the poet as he gives two words their own line. ...read more.


The poem Sonnet is a very short brief poem; not having a great deal of memory's very bland and not much description at all. But there is still a definite feeling of emotion and a love that has been lost in the past. The main theme of the poem is a depressed women looking back at a miserable day for her. Very bland as if it is fading away with time. The first line of the poem tells us straight away that the poet doesn't remember any thing when she writes, "I wish I could remember" she thrives, she wishes, she is desperate, she is longing to remember. It doesn't stick out in her mind at all. The next line tells us that it starts there and then when she writes "first hour, first moment". This tells us that the love starts there and then! The third line in the poem carries on the forgetful theme when she writes " If bright or dim the season" she cant even remember what the weather was like, she cant remember nothing. The following line shows us that her memory is blank of the day almost like a blur. When she writes "for aught I can say" this tell us that she cant really comment on anything correctly. The fifth line of the poem shows how she could have stayed in love but did not know she was in love in the first place when she wrote "so unrecorded did it slip away". ...read more.


Both poems focus into just the two people not mentioning of many other people. Then we have to take note of the contrasts, which also are easy to work out by reading the poem poems very thoroughly. The most obvious contrasts would be that saclombe is wrote by "Gareth Owen" a man and Sonnet by "Christina Rossetti" a women. Also Salcombe remembers every physical detail write down to "fingers wet with sand". Where as Sonnet cannot even remember the "first day" or if it was "summer or winter". As well as that Salcombe is wrote in a very happy, enthusiastic and holiday mood. Evidence of this would be "teased". But sonnet on the other hand is very regretful, very sad wrote in a desperate manor evidence of this would be "I wish". Salcombe is written is by a very modern sounding poet, who is very enthusiastic about his poems and his work is easier to read and take in. Where as Sonnet is wrote in a 19th century style harder to read and understand. The next contrast you don't even have to read the poem to see. Which is that Salcombe is wrote in three reasonable size stanzas but sonnet is a 14-line stanza. The last contrast you have to really get a grip of what the two poems really about, read in great understanding and depth, because Salcombe contains evidence of outdoor scene, freedom, noise and pact full of adventure and activity but sonnet has no description of a scene maybe because she doesn't know what it was like forgotten in the past and the poem express's this forgetfulness. Kieran Barnett Poetry 18/12/2007 ...read more.

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