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Writers shape the endings of their stories in different ways

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Writers shape the endings of their stories in different ways. Compare how the writers of "The End of Something" and one other story from the selection shape the endings of their stories I have chosen to compare "The End of Something" to "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit". "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" is about a girl who gets victimised by other girls of her age. When one of the other girls, Paula Brown, slips over and stains her snowsuit with oil, she immediately blames it on the narrator. The other girls join in with her and blame the narrator, who is then put under pressure to by Paula Brown a new snowsuit. ...read more.


However, this atmosphere is spoiled by Nick's untalkative mood; he obviously wants to get around to what he has to say but waiting for the right moment or may just be nervous about telling Marjorie. In the end, he tells Marjorie, who gets upset and says "I'm going to take the boat. You can walk back around the point." Perhaps here Marjorie hopes for Nick to change his mind and ask for her not to go, but instead he offers to push the boat out for her. When Marjorie is gone, Nick lies down for a long time on his own, until his friend Bill comes along and starts asking him questions about what happened. ...read more.


In "The End of Something" we feel sympathy for Marjorie, because her relationship with Nick has been ended after she seemed to be making an effort towards it. However, we also feel sympathy for Nick because he seems upset, and maybe it was not his decision to end the relationship; it may have been Bill who persuaded him to end it. We cannot know for certain whether it was Nick's decision or not because the story ends without explaining this. Both of the short stories involve something coming to an end; in one, a life of childish dreaming into the harsh reality of the world; in the other, the end of a relationship into a state where both partners seem unhappy. ...read more.

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