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Writing a persuasive writing

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Dear Agony, I am writing a letter to discuss my problem with you. It's really hard for me right now. I have a big problem with my father. I think he is selfish old man. He is asking me to get married with Demetrius whom my friend got crush on. And as being her best friend, I cannot marry Demetrius. Anyway I love Lysander. I love him so much that I wouldn't regret marrying him instead of wealthy Demetrius. But my father is forcing me to marry Demetrius because he is wealthy and has good family tree. I know that my dad is look out for me and wanting me to marry Demetrius so that I could have more comfortable life. And later on when my father leaves me and die, I could be comfortable with no problems what so ever. I thank him for that. However, if you marry a man who you don't even love, the life of marriage could be worse than hell. ...read more.


Second advices is be nice to your dad and when he feels happy then persuade him that you love Lysander so much and give good reasons why you should marry him. If this plan does not work then this is my final plan. Finally this is the hardest plan. You have to run away from the house with Lysander. If you know someone living far away from your house, then go and live there for little while. But don't visit your family because then they will contact your father and he will go and get you, so be careful. If this plan fails, then I think you just have to listen to your father. Or if you really don't like Demetrius, then you might choose to die or may be you have to choose to be a nun. That's all I could think of. If I have better plans, then I will send you a letter to let you know my new plans, as soon as possible. ...read more.


He said thank you to me but in cold version. I want to see his happy smile on his face like before. Help me. Helena I know that you are worried that you would not get your love back from your lover but do not worry. You have your problem solver right here. Firstly, men do get frustrated when the women keep on following them and give smiles. Some men do like women not following them and them following the women. So if you want to get his love back, my first advice is do not hang on him. Don't follow him every where he goes. Just stay back and ignore him and then some how, he will comeback. Also you shouldn't have told Demetrius about Hermia's plan. Now the situation will get worse. If you still want to love Demetrius, then all you have to do is, chase after him. Ignore him but chase him when he go and chase Hermia. And be harsh on him. Don't show him that you need him to live then he will play you around. So mark my words and give a try good luck and I hope it get on well. ...read more.

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