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Writing about TV, music, sport and my mobile phone.

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´╗┐Write 100 words expressing your view on a film or TV programme you have looked at recently. Wild Life with Lions Not being an animal lover, I have recently taken interest on the life of lions. My views have completely changed as I think their life and being are very fascinating. From my point of view Lions are extremely clever animals; quite an obvious reason as their well known to be ?Kings of the Pride?. Being amazed with the information and videos I have seen, there are many things I disagree with, such as taking over other prides by an invasion due to being banished from their previous home. ...read more.


The influence of my family, environment and the year I was born, all led me into this direction you can say out of force, but I have never complained yet. Through my influences of music I have come to love RnB & Hip-Hop for my own reasons. The emotions, where it all originated from, the effects, the knowledge it gives you, I can say is indescribable. What makes it distinctive is its ?Soulfulness? and rhythms of the beats. If you listen to certain artists or songs, you?ll hear their quite similar. What does your mobile phone mean to you? Write 100 words As soon as I read this question, a hundred thoughts came into my head at once. ...read more.


On the other hand it does have its disadvantage. Being a huge hole in the pockets for cash, brain damage and even life risking. Is having a successful national sporting team important? If so, why? If not, why not? I think having a sporting team is not important at all in fact. From a bias point of view, having no interest in any sport, I feel it doesn?t affect my everyday life therefore it?s not a priority. Looking at it from another point of view, having a successful sporting in somewhat way makes you feel as if your apart of a team/family. Knowing that there are hundreds, even thousands of people supporting the same thing you are, has its positive effects for instance, self accomplishment, success and good comments about their successful national sporting team. Ashlei Dixon 18.9.12 ...read more.

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