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Writing an Argument

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Writing an Argument Mark arrives at Adams house. But he was meant to ring him before. Adam: Why haven't you rung me because I have been waiting for you, you bloody idiot. Mark: I didn't mean to. My mum's been well out of order to me. She wouldn't let me use the phone. Adam: So what, there's pay phones aren't there and you've got a mobile haven't you. Mark: Yer but I have no money or credit for my mobile. Adam: That is no excuse to me. You could of just nicked a pound off of your old man. Mark: I wouldn't do that he would kill me if he had court me. Adam: Shut up you little faggot. Mark: What Adam: What you idiot, don't say that to me. I'll smack ya, ya little mummy's boy. Mark: No you wouldn't, I'll grass you up to the old bill. Adam: What do you mean, you wouldn't because I'd beat you up again. ...read more.


Mark: Well you've just really pissed me off. Adam: And what the hell are you going to do to me. Mark: You'll find out! Adam: Let me know now you little faggot. Mark: I'm no faggot. I'm the one who should be kicking your face in, but it's your scummy mates who make you do these things. Adam: Shut up you Muppet I do these things so I can get pleasure out of it. It isn't my mates they follow me. Mark: I think you need to grow up. Adam: I thought I told you to piss off. Know GO! Mark: I'm not going anywhere. I'm not scared of you anymore so you can get stuffed. Adam: I've already hit you know, haven't you learnt your lesson. Mark: No! Adam: Why did you say that I don't want to hit you again. Mark: Well I have a confession to make? Adam: What is it then, you can tell me know! Mark: No! Adam: I don't care, just tell me your confession you bloody faggot. ...read more.


Adam goes into his house and picks up the phone and dials her number she answers. Amy: What do you want. You only ring if you want sex or something else. Adam: Why what you saying you slag. Amy: Err that's it you shouldn't of called me that. Adam: Don't worry I will. So did you or did you not sleep with Mark. Amy: Why? Don't you trust me. Adam: Tell me know. Amy: Yes I did and he's ten times better that you. Adam: Why? I thought you loved me. Amy: I never loved you. Adam hung up and sat on the bottom of the stairs. Then ran to the front door with a cricket bat. He ran towards mark. Adam: You sick barstard you knew how much I liked her. Mark: well she's good in bed isn't she. Adam: You're going to wish you never said that. Mark: Why! OOCH! Please Adam stop hitting me. Adam: I'm never going to stop you low life BARSTARD. The police turned up and arrested Adam and took Mark to the hospital. Mark was out after a week and Adam went to prison for six years. Mark and Amy got together. Adam Dunning English ...read more.

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